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It's a very interesting approach in this article. Some experiments with monkeys show us how works the brain... I think the human being is not really differtent! [note mg]


Many business leaders don't care why employees do anything as long as they follow the company's rules, processes, cultural norms and laws.


But we've found that leaders can create and sustain stronger business results if they understand — and manage — how employees approach their work every day. When employees' thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are aligned with their daily work, they do that work better. Leaders, though, can be squeamish about approaching topics many think are better left to psychologists, so they don't even try to create alignment.


In the work underlying Beyond Performance, we found a technique we call 'laddering' that even the most hard-nosed business operators can feel comfortable with; the reason is that it closely resembles the "five whys" approach lean organizations use to get to the root causes of performance problems. Laddering mirrors the five whys, applying it to people's mindsets instead of operational problems....


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