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Quality leadership or a lack thereof is easy to spot if you know what to look for.


Marty Note
I've been working for C level executives since I was in my twenties. That sounds like more a brag than it really is (lol). In my twenties I saw the PC revolution not because I am a great visionary. Nope, I just wanted to get out of paperwork.

The irony of spending several "man years' studying software at night to eliminate my least favorite day as an M&M/Mars sales rep (Fridays were paperwork days) never occurred to me (lol). Being in the right place with the right idea moved me up to the C level early.

Wish I could tell you that makes me a C Level Whisperer or somethig, but not sure such a thing exists.

Working for one CEO or another for 20 years I watched the psychology of what it took to become a C level executive slowly move them further and further out to sea like C level ripe tide.

Now due to the dramatic dismantling of many industries thanks to the web there seems to be a Sargasso Sea of CEOs, a swirling ocean that never touches the new world.

This post reviews a SHOCKING survey where current CEOs rank key web attributes such as openness, honesty and integrity low while, and I know this is CATCH-22 ironic, ranking "ability to change" high.

Ironic because our big changes should rank integrity, openness and honesty higher since they fuel the change we are struggle to adapt too. Forbes stumbled on why so many of my Internet marketing meetings seem surreal.

In these meetings I explain how on the web there are no secrets and the mob is in control NOT you. I share data about why and how to adjust accept and profit from our brave new world only to have many C level executives ask me the equivalent of, "Why would we ever do THAT" where that is SHARE and encourage SHARING.

For this generation of C level executives proprietary, "Kill or Be Killed," zero sum thinking dies hard and will probably die them since GOOGLE wants something different, less proprietary and more sharing. How have teams I've managed made more than $30M online? Big reason is we did what Google told us to do (and sometimes they were VERY specific lol).

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