"There are a growing number of online learning professionals talking about the idea of personalized learning, learning on demand, and social learning. If we use the technologies we have been using to create our online learning experiences here's what's going to happen:

Personalized learning. We will need to create and recreate courses that speak to everyone's unique needs as they change jobs, change career aspirations, change who they work with, etc.
Learning on demand. We will need to create courses for every moment during someone's workday that represents a moment of need for information.
Social learning. We will need to continually capture activity streams and update at acceptable intervals to represent the latest discussions from which we can extract "learning."
Recent statistics show the average employee spends approximately two hours a day looking for the right information they need. That's 25 percent of people's time spent trying to find what they need to do their job. If our goal in training and development is making sure people can do their job with competence and a sense of satisfaction, what good is the content and our designs if people can't find it?

But before we can make training content good we need to make sure people can find it. We also need to make sure that the content is relevant and feeds the performance of the employee at the moment in time when the employee needs it. To do this technology needs to be adopted twofold..."
Via Ana Cristina Pratas