Okay, so in junior high I had my share of being bullied. Back then,in the 80's we called it "pickin at somebody". BUT, now,with so much social media, anyone at any time can be "picked on" and a big uproar begins. Raising money, an abundant amount for one person, who didn't sustain any type of physical abuse. It is wonderful to see how the world could come together and have so much sympathy and share so much generosity. But, what about the OTHER people, who struggle everyday, bullying or no bullying. Not to mention the lives lost to bullying, when no one could here the silent cries of innocent, bullied victims. Let's think about it, and become aware of other stories, that we don't here about on youtube or plastered around the internet. So what do you think?      http://igg.me/p/154268?a=801505