Accusations of Bullying After Death of Staten Island Teen | bullied to death? |

Amanda Cummings, 15, who died six days after a witness saw her jump in front of a bus, had been harassed at her Staten Island high school, her uncle said.

1)Accusations of Bullying After Death of Teenager



 A) Amanda died six days after she purposely got hit by a bus.

 B) Amanda had some school strife, but she was nice and had many friends.


3) The writer believes that bullying was "The" contributing factor in Amanda's death.


4) Most of the writer's focus is on Amanda's troubles with her peers, whether that be from differences, or from relationships.


5) The columnist is very detailed and covers all point of views of a story.


6) This article was written for not only adolescents, but parents as well, because it includes views and aspects from every perspective of the tragedy.


7) I believe that bullying was the cause of Amanda's death. The writer offers a vast amount of information about this tragedy and i don't have any doubt that bulllying was the reason she decided to take