Small Business Marketing & SEO
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Small Business Marketing & SEO
Small Business Marketing & SEO
Is your website serving as an online business card? On page 9 of Google? Look no further to make your business, blogs, and websites noteworthy!
Curated by Suzen Pettit
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Scooped by Suzen Pettit!

The Essentials of How Content Marketing Grows your Business

Suzen Pettit's insight:

You have a Facebook page, a fairly substantial "list" that you send out to on a fairly consistent basis. You tweet. You are a busy so and so. Why do you also need to be creating all this "content"?" What's the real reason?
The video gives you the insight on how crutial content marketing really is.

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Scooped by Suzen Pettit!

6 Smart Ways to Convert Facebook Likes to Sales - Omaginarium

6 Smart Ways to Convert Facebook Likes to Sales - Omaginarium | Small Business Marketing & SEO |
Facebook business likes page does not create value in and of itself. It's what you do with those likes that count. Convert Facebook likes with engagement strategies
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