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This piece was written by Henneke Duistermaat, guest blogger for Copyblogger. I selected it because trust and loyalty are the two ingredients you need to build and keep your following. It isn't that difficult to attain if you follow these suggestions.


Determine what you want to be known for, then start building your reputation from there.


Here are a few highlights:


Three key elements to developing trust with your online audience:


** Build authority by creating and sharing useful content


**Develop relationships with your audience by showing you genuinely care


**Underscore your credibility with a professional website


Here's what caught my attention:


"Knowledge and competence is great but the combination of both encourages people to trust you and increases your powers of enchantment" Guy Kawasaki


**What knowledge can you share?


**What are your siills


**How can you share your experience to help others?


Here are a few ways to build authority


**Be on a mission - what do you want to achieve and why?


**Be different - develop your own voice


**Be a storyteller - stand for something


**Be helpful - Create and share content that solves your readers' problems


**Build a tribe - Your followers will spread your ideas for you


Don't focus on yourself


**Be sincerely interested


**Be yourself


**Build relationships by asking questions, saying thank you


**Show your personality - be transparent, humble, generous


**Understand the culture of a platform before you jump in


Selected by Jan Gordon covering  "Curation and Social Business"



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