In the Corbières, the Pech de Bugarach, top of the? Strange | Bugarach |
When a north breeze dissipates a haze upon tip of a Corbières, emerges, stately as well as secret, a impiety of Bugarach. The crawl poise a vegetable initial riddle: because do we verbalise of a “inverted plateau “? And even when a object luminous radiance full flanks of limestone, an aura of poser still hangs in a blue sky of a Aude.

“ Bug ” , such as internal call it, has not accomplished sketch attention. It is called “sacred mountain” . They contend it emanates a singular energy, absolute as well as unifying. It would be a single of “chakras” a “Mother Earth” , that “vibratory rate” volume some-more any year. They additionally contend it would residence an subterraneous bottom for UFOs. Humans improvising “mediums” explain to have come in to hit with a aliens who have invested (not us, shame). Finally, a little disagree that it would be a single of a integrate of places where land group would tarry a finish of a world, that likely by a Mayan calendar, that ends Dec 21, 2012.

short, simply sort “ Bugarach ” upon a poke engine to find a enigmatic heated wake up stirred by a tip rise in a Corbières. Culminating during 1231 m, a Bug as well as crystallizes all fantasies. Already in a open solstice, Mar 21, hikers intrigued asked us in their path: “Did we notice something strange?” . The summer solstice additionally attracts a share of extraordinary as well as fauna brand new age . “Marches in conscience” , “walking initiation” , initiatives freshness … for those who can means it.


he captivate of Pic is growing, to a discomfit of a mayor of Bugarach as well as many residents, who fright not being means to carry out a liquid of visitors in Dec 2012. Rommie, owners of a desirable cottages of a Presbytery with her husband, Sander, does provoke anyone. “Most business come to nature, to a Cathar castles. From time to time, a little come for energy, for Bugarach. we similar to starting up for a great view. But about energy, we do not know “.

a initial riddle, a answer is simple: by image tectonics, limestone strata comparison than 135 million years have arisen over precision in in between fifteen million years, reversing a sequence of a geological layers. Otherwise, it is insincere that a geographical upon all sides of a rise has catalyzed a visionary currents already during work in a area.

Who has not dreamed, in fact, a value of a Abbé Saunière, a clergyman mysteriously enriched after starting work in his church in Rennes-le-Château, a integrate of miles from there? (To visit!) Who did not let his aptitude ramble to follow a query of a final Cathars, a preferred as well as undiluted retreat upon a tops of breezy Corbières? (Surveying a busted castles in tall winds is a singular experience!)


At a tip of a peak. RICHARD DAVID

No need nonetheless
enigmatic beam to entrance a tip of a peak, that is value a glance, even a many Ampoules led pragmatic. A label or phone call to a House of Nature will do. The trail many Ampoules led taken from a neck of a Linas, 6 km from Bugarach. In reduction than dual hours, we have been right away during a top, considering a Pyrenees as well as a Mediterranean Sea. The approach called “the window” sneaks nearby a hole in a stone face. More air, permitted to great walkers, it takes dual hours from a pour out of Mathieux. The adore of upon foot will do a complete double back from a village. Between 6 as well as 7 hours, together with breaks. The event for a great travel in in between sky as well as earth.

Carole Rap


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