Buddha Poornima Festival 2012 Celebration In India
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Buddha Poornima Festival 2012 Celebration In India
The Great celebration across in the India on full moon night Buddha Jayanti, 2557th Birthday anniversary of Lord Buddha.The Buddhist lovers taken the idol of Lord Buddha in a palanquin to level his 2557th beginning birthday. The celebration, noticed on the event of complete celestial satellite evening, was famous at several monasteries situated in Uttarakhand. The priests performed processions in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh as well. Identical moments were experienced in Varanasi town where priests took out a brilliantly colored procession. Nainital, May 6(ANI): Ratings of Buddhist lovers from across Indian famous Buddha Jayanti, the beginning birthday of Master Buddha, with fervour and gaiety on Weekend.http://goo.gl/2eHGr
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