Brown V Board of education Briefs
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Brown V Board of education Briefs This is stating exactly how the society made the 14th amendment unconstitutional.because of the fact that they didnt make the schooling education equal. This site builds off of the previous site explaining again how the 14th amendment was violated by the schooling. Other cases in the past which have been tried due to the thought of being unconstitutional in some way shape or form. Also gives us a little more history in the Brown V Board of Education . Also discussing the separate but equal 14th amendment. weather "separate but equal" Exists anymore in society or not. This discusses how colored people were viewed more at the time and why whites felt they needed to be in a seperate class all together. A summery of the case as a whole.gave African American’s hope that “separate, but equal” on all fronts would be changed. (your site which I felt was helpful) Tells how the 14th amendment was violated. Everyone is equal. Blacks should be just as equal as whites. Why would they have to go to a different school or drink out of different drinking fountains as whites?
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