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Is your brand focused on transactions or interactions?


Why is this article showing up in this collection on biz storytelling?


Because the 4 ways brands can build relationships gets done through effective storytelling.


I love the 4 points made here in this quick read: branding is about building relationships to generate business, not pushing messages to make sales.


As a result, the game is now about human interactions instead of product transactions. What is the most effective way to promote human interaction? Story sharing!


This leads to point #4 -- relationships allow for organic discovery -- about your product/service, customer needs/likes/wants, potential innovations, new markets, etc.. The best vehicle for allowing organic discovery is story sharing.


Read the rest of the insights here. They make tons of sense. And if you like the ideas but want to know how to implement them -- then bring story sharing (telling your biz stories and listening to the stories of others in return) into your daily work life.


This is a game-changer.


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her Just Story It Scoops at ;

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