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Called To Peru - Blog - Breaking the Chains

Called To Peru - Blog - Breaking the Chains | Bremner Blog |
"Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven..."

Never in my ...
Stevie B's insight:

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, on nights like last night I just wait for Shaun Wissman to write a post about it on his ministry blog, and then link to it and add my commentary.  This week is no different. 

I encourage you to read his entire account of the evening.  There were things that transpired that I didn't know about until our taxi ride home afterward. But what I definintely wanted to draw your attention to was the healing testimony towards the end.  


From Shaun's blog:

"We closed things up in prayer, the kids came back, and we a shared some amazing cookies Amanda had baked for us. Then slowly we said our goodbyes. 


But we had a straggler. Hector was struggling. 


So I looked at Steve and then we asked Hector what had happened to make him limp. Hector had been shot in the front of his hip. The bullet came out in his back by his spine. It had been 2 1/2 years and he was struggling to walk, and pain was intense in his left leg from pinched nerves. 

Ya'll... The guy got shot. SHOT! What could we expect?

So we began to pray for his healing. "

 I remember noticing him when he came in.  He sat next to me, and I thought ot myself that we can't teach on a woman being bent over and getting healed, and then NOT offer physical healing to this guy! But at the same time, I had my doubts and didn't want to force myself on him and heal him if he was going to be overwhelmed.  I knew nothing about him, nor did I know how he found out about the cell group. 

I had all sorts of things go through my mind about why he would be healed, but I didn't know if he'd let us lay hands on him.  Sometimes people tell us we're "too charismatic for them" and they agree to let us pray for them thinking we'll do it later in our own personal time after we've left.  

Afterward, when Shaun encoruaged everybody to get into pairs or small groups, he walked over in my direction and I pointed to Hector's walker and said "I want to see him free of that chain, if he wants to be..."

I had no idea what Shaun would think or say to that.  As some of you know, I recently published a Kindle book on divine healing and I'm weary of letting my motivations be to share testimonies of what God has done solely so I can write them on my blog. I just merely wanted to see him walk normally, whether I let anybody know it happened or not. 

Healing should be normal. We wanted to demonstrate God's love, and like the story in Luke 13:10-17 of the bent over woman, it was compassion that motivated Jesus to offer healing to the woman--not to show off in front of the pharisees. 

At any rate, we prayed for him several times as each time he said he felt better and better.  He even stated he felt warm inside -- that's called FUEGO DE DIOS!

There was more to the story and I encourage you to visit Shaun's blog at the link provided.  

But I want to encourage you that if you are burning to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in your surroundings, don't worry aobut looking for opportunities--they're all around you.  There's people in your life that are just waiting for you to show them love or offer to lay hands on them-- they just might not know it, but what better testimony that God is at work than when he tangibly breaks chains in their lives.

Go for it! 

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Deadly Peru market clashes worsen

Deadly Peru market clashes worsen | Bremner Blog |

Deadly clashes erupt for the second time in three days, between Peruvian police and protesters trying to stop the closure of a market in Lima.


This is sad to me, not just because it's here in Peru, but because such events are not quite a surprise and the unecessary loss of life is always terrible.


Back in 2009 I had some business cards made up at a shop in this area.  I got a good deal, nothing illegal, about 1000 cards for the equivalent of $80 US.  But they were not ready on the day or time they were supposed to be.  I had to go back later that night to get them.  They were not ready, and I was going to need to wait another hour.  


While passing the time wandering around, I looked around and in the several-stories tall building I was in, I could literally buy any pirated movie, video game, or software I could think up.  It was all available.  


However, I also texted with friends, and when one of my Peruvian translator friends realized where I was, told me to not leave the building but to stay inside and not wander the streets because for me as a gringo, being alone in that area of Lima was asking for trouble.  


When I finally got my cards, I paid for them and promptly made my way down to a side of this block that faced a busy street and took the first taxi that agreed to take me and I was on my way.  I wasn't worried for my safety per se, until I had my friend warn me to stay put and not go anywhere alone. 


I appreciate and respect what the mayor of Peru is trying to do and am conflicted about how I should feel for those this affects.  Piracy is BIG in Peru and other third world countries.  However, I think it's 50/50 how the people think and the cost of the items.


For example, many electronics are more expensive here than they are in North America.  If I wanted to buy a new Macbook Pro, I'd have to pay $500 more if I bought it here.  Oftentimes software is 30-40% higher than it costs back home.  The average Peruvian makes a fraction of what a westerner does, yet the prices of many of these products are not comparative to their wages.  

I don't advocate piracy, as I've written elsewhere.   But at the same time, I understand where many Peruvian citizens are coming from when these items, most of which are not necessities to begin with, are way beyond reach for them and so, it just fuels the black market.  I'm not trying to make excuses for the market, but just give the reader some perspective that there is no easy solutions to this.


Please pray for peace and for the people of Peru.

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Facebook’s First Mobile Advertising Interface Was Built By An Intern | TechCrunch

Facebook’s First Mobile Advertising Interface Was Built By An Intern | TechCrunch | Bremner Blog |
I'm all about discipling and internships, no matter the area or context. This article was very interesting for me to read, however, it irked me as well.


I've had a fan page for my podcast, Fire On Your Head, for about 4 years now. In the last year or so fewer and fewer of those fans would see the updates in their newsfeeds whenever something was shared.

Then, in more recent months, Facebook launched another overhaul of how Fan page posts reach the fans. This time, they'd show you how many people saw your post, and give you a "promote" button, offering to show it to more people since only a fraction of your followers are now seeing your posts.


So, for $10, I can now show my posts to all my fans.

I get it. I really do. Faceook, you guys have gone public and your stock has shrunk, and you need to squeeze blood from a rock somehow, so why not charge people to share posts with their fans? I get it. If I was as desperate as you guys are getting, I'd do the same.

But I'm not a business. I just want to notify ALL my fans on Facebook when something is available or worth knowing about.


You're taking all the fun out of it, and that's why more of us are using Google+ instead.

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13 Prophecies for 2013 - Same old Vague and Unquantifiable Stuff

13 Prophecies for 2013 - Same old Vague and Unquantifiable Stuff | Bremner Blog |
As he prayed about this upcoming year, prophetic minister Matt Sorger sensed the following 13 prophetic insights are to be decrees that we aggressively pursue for 2013.
Stevie B's insight:

I don't really know Matt Sorger, and I don't usually call out people by name, but when stuff is plainly out there on the internet for all to see, I don't consider this a sin issue that needs to be kept private a la Matthew 18.

I follow J. Lee Grady, and in his latest Fire in My Bones email there was a link to this article and I gave it a read.  Or tried to.  It was just the same old vague and indefinite stuff that so-called prophets share every new year, that I don't know why people get excited when ministers publish stuff like this.


I know some of my more prophetic friends are going to take me to task on this or be offended, or just tell me I don't understand the prophetic.  That's fine. 


As I look at each of the thirteen things on this list, I feel like they can be for anybody at any point in their journey with Christ and can be wonderful encouragement to them.  I don't have a lot of problem with the content of his points, but I fail to see why they have to be big words for the year for the Body of Christ.  


This article doesn't contain a single shred of specifics.  Many ,ay ask "Well, how do you know God did not say this?" All believers have some measure of discernment if they pray and study the Word of God.  I can get up and say "if you eat more fruits and vegetables in 2013, your health will improve."  Simple, cause and effect if you take my advice, but does that necessarily mean I heard God tell me to tell everybody this?

Also, herein lies the beauty of giving such 'words': a vague prophecy can never be proven false and one will not ever have to be accountable for it.


It reminds of all the year-end prophecies announcing the year of breakthrough and blessings and forgetting that we are not all at the same stage of our journey with God and that this year will be for some the year of testing like never before and they will get a better understanding of the book of Job and what it feels to have God test you almost to the breaking point.


I opened up an email in my archives from 2003, from another man of God and it basically had the same points in it as this article.  I can hear those prophecies year after year after year and nothing discrnible or quantifiable happens.


Im tired too, I don't buy it anymore.  Let's just cut with the nonsense and get on with the Gospel.

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A Quick Story of God's Healing Touch

A Quick Story of God's Healing Touch | Bremner Blog |

This past Wednesday night I went with Shaun Wissman, as well as my girlfriend Lili, her brother & my roommate Ronald, as well as Nancy, another missionary on our team to Pacfico.  We are doing a weekly cell group there which I'll mention more about in the near future as I'll be teaching more regularly while Shaun and his wife Amanda head back to the USA for three months after giving birth to their baby boy Judah within the next week. 


This is a testimony they shared on their ministry site, and I thought it worth sharing here quickly on mine. 


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