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Car Breathalyzer – An Easy Way to Stop Drunk Driving

Drunken driving is one of the common causes for accidents; needless to say driving under the influence of alcohol can affect the concentration of the driver and leads to accident. Drunken drivers also pose as a threat to other vehicles. Drinking alcohol in limited level is not possible always however by installing an ignition interlock device in the car loss of life through accident can be avoided.

The device is connected to the ignition of the car, before starting the driver has to blow air into the device. Car starts only if the level of BAC is equal or lower than the prescribed level or else it fails to start. Car breathalyzers plays an important role in lowering the accidents caused by drunken driving. There are plenty of benefits of using this device and let’s see it one by one.

Safer roads

By installing this device in every car the roads will become safer than ever before and one need not have the fear of getting hit by a drunken driver. Moreover the death rates and injuries caused by drunken drivers will get lowered to a large extent.

No need to pay fines

If a drunken driver is caught by police then huge sum of amount has to be paid as a fine but by installing a car breathalyzer in the car you will save it.

No rigorous imprisonment

To stop drunken driving most of the States follow stringent laws and rules. If you are caught by police or law enforcement agencies for drunken driving then you may be put behind the bar. In some cases, instant bail will not be offered that means the accused has to spend a long time in prison. Ignition interlock device is the best way to escape from the clutches of law.

Fool Proof device

Breath alcohol testers designed for cars are fool proof device, even if the driver tricks and starts the car by asking the passenger to blow into the device he has to blow at regular intervals of time which is impossible if he is drunk. He will be able to drive the car without break continuously only if he is a sober. Ignition interlock system is not only beneficial for the general public but also saves the precious life of family members. In case if the same car is used by the owner as well as the driver to pick up children and for personal use then this device is a must for the car.

By installing it in the car you can stay in peace of mind and need not worry of meeting with an accident or getting caught by the law enforcement agencies.

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Drive safety breath alcohol tester is an easy to measure the level of alcohol in blood. Car breathalyzer can be integrated to the ignition of the car.

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Scooped by Albert Patel!

Breathalyzers - Breath alcohol tester

Breathalyzer is a device that is commonly used to measure the blood alcohol level in the body. It is most commonly used by policemen to test drunken drivers and prevent accident. Moreover it is used as evidence in court. The device is also used by individuals for personal and home use, it not only protects life but also avoids expensive penalty and rigorous imprisonment. Portable alcohol tester and key chain breathalyzers can be used by individuals but they have to be maintained regularly.  There are few common errors that usually occur in breathalyzers and if you are well aware of it you can avoid false readings.


Results of the device get varied due to internal and external factors and one should be aware of few factors to get accurate readings.


Calibrate the device regularly


The accuracy of the personal alcohol breath tester changes gradually in course of time but by calibrating the device on regular basis perfect reading can be received. Normally the calibration is done in factory where the internal settings are changed to get accurate output. Calibration has to be done by experienced professionals for every six months or once in a year. In some cases the device cannot be calibrated and in this case the sensor has to be replaced. Calibration also helps to find the defects in the device and prolong its life. If the device comes with platinum fuel sensors then calibration can be done once in a year.


Mouth alcohol residue                              


Presence of mouth alcohol can also change the reading values. Burping or vomiting after consuming alcohol leaves residues in mouth, when you breathe in this condition the device will consider alcohol content in mouth and results in a higher value than the actual. In order to get accurate reading from alveolar air, the person has to rinse the mouth completely. Also there are chances for the body to release alcohol during burping, if you have burped wait for few minutes before blowing air into the device.


Interruption by waves


Interference by waves can cause errors in breath alcohol content tester. The most common factors that interfere with the signal are police radios, cell phone, and other magnetic devices. To measure accurately the device has to be kept away from interference while measuring the

alcohol content.

Use mouth piece


Always use a mouthpiece while breathing into the device. It would prevent external air like carbon monoxide entering into the device and helps to give accurate readings. If the device is used by different persons then clean the mouthpiece or use a different one. Try to have multiple mouth pieces.


Author Bio:

Personal alcohol breath tester is available in different models and you can know more about key chain breathalyzers at the author’s website.

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