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Keychain Breathalyzers- How effective they are

Key chain breathalyzers are one of the newest innovations, they are small in size and it can be carried easily anywhere. These breathalyzers are available at lower price and you can carry it easily for fun parties. There is a common misconception among people that keychain breathalyzers cannot provide accurate results, however it is just a myth and these small devices can provide accurate results as regular breathalyzers. Falling price and the advancement in technology is one of the main reasons for these keychain breathalyzers available at lower rates.  We will speak in-depth about the keychain breathalyzers and how it can protect you from the clutches of the law and from the hands of police.


How does a keychain breathalyzer works?


When alcohol is taken, it usually does not get digested rather it just gets absorbed to areas like stomach, intestine, throat, etc. After a particular time it gets completely excreted from the body. Alcohol also leaves the body whenever we exhale air or breathe out, the total amount of alcohol present in the body can be measured whenever we exhale air. Most of the keychain breathalyzers make use of the electrochemical fuel cell technology that helps to identify the level of alcohol in the blood. The output result for the percentage of alcohol in blood is given in percentage.


When measuring using personal breathalyzer the accuracy of the readings depends upon various factors like health condition of the body, temperature, etc. There are few people who consider 0.02% as a positive test for alcohol; however 0.08% is the legal limit to drive a car or to operate a vehicle. If the level is beyond 0.08% then he will be subjected to penalties for drunken driving.


Keychain breathalyzer can be attached either to the key ring or to the chain you wear regularly. You need to just blow into the device hanging around your neck and make sure whether the percentage of alcohol is below the prescribed level or higher than it. In case if it is 0.08 or below then you are safe to drive.


Portable breathalyzers are also available in digital model and these are more accurate than the regular one. Before purchasing a keychain breathalyzer make sure that they are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), obviously a certified device will give more accurate results and will be made out of high quality material. In case if you buy a cheap device with poor quality then you cannot expect accurate results, moreover there are also chances to get caught by police and you need to pay a costly penalty. It is better to get a good quality device than paying penalty.


Personal breathalyzer are usually compact in nature and portable breathalyzer can be easily carried anywhere when you travel.

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Know your Alcohol Level with Drink Tracker Breathalyzer

Measuring the amount of alcohol consumed by a person is easier than ever before.  Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can measure the level of alcohol content in your blood through iPhone.

Based upon a recent statistics report released by Federal Bureau of Investigation it has been found that more than 1.2 million people were arrested in US for drunken driving. The number is steadily increasing every year and the accidents caused by drunken drivers are also on the rise.


iPhone is not only considered as a device for entertainment purpose, it also offers a host of other benefits. Special apps can help to stay in control with the amount of alcohol consumed.


DrinkTracker personal breathalyzer app can measure the amount of alcohol in blood accurately and based upon customers review the app has been found to be the most user friendly app. It is also the best way to know whether you are fit to drive or not after consuming alcohol. 

Needless to say, everyone carries the phone wherever they go, however if it is a portable breathalyzer device there are high chances to forget it at home. The app is highly useful as you will be carrying the iPhone wherever you go. Even if the app is turned off it can function more effectively. It need not be manually refreshed or the data needs to be inputted when the device is turned off.


The device also gives full report including duration of drinking session, complete information of the drink consumed and the time to reach the maximum Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).


Breathalyzer app also has features to keep a track of record on the drinks you are consuming and you can also add any of your favorite drinks with a single tap. Personal profile can also be set up based upon gender, age, height and weight.


Alcohol intake level and metabolic removal rate are automatically compared by the app for every 60 seconds. Even in the rarest case if you have turned off the app, it will pick up from where you have left and start calculating the BAC again. In case if the level is higher than the normal value then you can make use of this app and find your home with maps or look for a taxi in the nearest location. It also provides easy access to your contacts and allows you to email, text or phone someone and ask them to come and pick up.


Best Personal breathalyzer</a> app for iPhone helps you to keep track of the alcohol content in your blood. Breathalyzers can be easily taken anywhere without difficulty. 


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