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Scooped by Albert Raja!

Car Breathalyzers - The Best Way to Stop Drunken Driving

Albert Raja's insight:

The number of accidents by drunken drivers is increasing every year. It is not uncommon for the drunken chauffeurs to hit the pedestrians or fellow travelers in the highways and end up severe injury or death.

Even though a few chauffeurs own best alcohol breath tester they don’t make use of it. Every day you could read in news papers at least one accident caused by drunken drivers.

Not only drunken driving leads to accident but also leads to rigorous imprisonment and expensive penalty levied by law enforcement agencies and police department. Ignition interlock car alcohol breath tester is one of the best types of breathalyzers that is currently available in the market. The device has to be installed in the vehicle permanently. Ignition car breathalyzer is cost effective and prevents accidents in chauffeur driven vehicles.

Every time before igniting the car, the driver has to blow sample air into the unit. If the level of alcohol is beyond the legal limit of 0.08 then the car does not get ignited. The device is pre-programmed in such a way to prevent starting the vehicle if the level of alcohol is beyond the set level, in case of any error the driver is allowed to do another test after 15 minutes of time.

Even while driving, the driver has to perform the breath test on a regular basis. In case if the driver fails the breath test, the driver can pull the car to a safe location and try performing the breath test. Best personal breathalyzer provides accurate results at any time.

All the breath sample reports can be recorded and can be viewed at later times. Modern ignition interlock systems are compact in nature and can easily fit into the glove box of the car. The device can be hardwired to the dashboard and can be moved to any comfortable position when needed.

There are so many myths about car breathalyzers, few people have a misconception  that these devices does not provide accurate results but it is untrue as these devices are manufactured using the state-of the art-technology and are approved by FDA and DOT (Department of Transportation).

By installing a car breathalyzer you need not have the burden of carrying the personal breathalyzer always. There are times you may forget taking the device when you rush for a party, but by having a car breathalyzer one need not have a single thought of being caught by law enforcement agencies or police personnel. These interlock ignition system can be called as life savers as it can protect the life of the driver and passenger from meeting with an accident.

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Scooped by Albert Raja!

Breathalyzer Device and the Reasons for False Readings

Albert Raja's insight:

Drinking and driving rashly is not a good idea, however things can go wrong if you drive in an inebriated condition. There are more chances to meet with an accident or hit a fellow traveler on road. As per a recent statistics report the number of people owning a breathalyzer device is on the rise every year. Even after owning a portable breathalyzer if it gives false readings then there are more chances to meet with an accident.

There are a number of ways that can make the device go wrong and to give false readings. In this article you will find how to avoid false accusation of drunken driving and the different causes for inaccurate readings.

Calibration of the device
Like any other instrument, personal breathalyzer has to be recalibrated on regular basis. It is almost similar to winding a watch to set the correct time, however recalibration has to be done by professionals to maintain the accuracy of the device. In this process the sensor of the breathalyzer is trained in such a way to provide accurate readings at all times.

Mouth Alcohol Content
In order to get accurate readings, the breathalyzer test must be performed after a minimum of 20 minutes after consuming alcohol. In case if any residual alcohol is present it will give false readings. The alcohol present in the mouth is diagnosed as alcohol present in the blood stream so the mouth has to be rinsed completely before taking a breath alcohol test.

Use mouthpiece
If you want to get accurate readings then it is better to use a mouth piece. It will not only prevent external air from getting into the device but will help to maintain the hygiene when used by multiple users.

Interference by other compounds

Breath alcohol tester values can change if the sample air gets in contact with other compounds present in the air. If gases like carbon monoxide present in the air get mixed with the air blown into the device it gives false output. If you are a diabetic person then the acetone levels will be higher than the normal level, if the diabetic person consumes alcohol then the device would read as if the alcohol level is higher than the prescribed legal limit.

Absorptive Phase
Normally it takes a minimum of half an hour to several hours for the alcohol to enter the blood stream. Incase if the driver takes a poor decision by measuring the alcohol content in blood just after taking multiple drinks then there is a high chance for things to go wrong as the level of alcohol content in blood will be higher than the legal limit after few hours.

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