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Factors that Can Make a Breathalyzer Go Wrong

Factors that Can Make a Breathalyzer Go Wrong | Breathalyzers |

Even though drinking and driving is dangerous still majority of the youth wants to have thrill and fun so they indulge in such activities. Most of the times they end up in trouble, either they will be caught by the law enforcement agencies or meet with an accident. It is difficult for parents to have control on alcohol addicted teenage children, however a breathalyzer would be highly useful to check and have control on them. It is an easy way to check the level of alcohol in the blood before they start driving. Even though portable breathalyzer provides accurate results, there are some factors which can make it go wrong. If you are aware of these factors then it can help to prove your innocence. Here we will discuss about them so that one can get accurate results while using breathalyzers.


Calibrate the breathalyzer on regular basis


The accuracy of even the best personal breathalyzer changes with time, regularly calibrating the device helps to get accurate readings. If the device is calibrated on regular interval then it can easily detect the amount of alcohol content blown into the device. Calibration during regular interval prolongs the life of the instrument and even helps to find errors in the device.


Compound Interference


There are various compounds that usually interfere with the accuracy of the device. When one breathes air into a device without mouthpiece, other compounds present in the air reacts and gives a false reading. Moreover persons suffering from diabetes have high level of acetone and this can alter readings of the output value. The other things that interfere with the breathalyzer readings are use of inhalers on regular basis and dietary supplements.


Residue mouth alcohol


Breathalyzer has to be used only after a time period of twenty or thirty minutes after consuming alcohol. If not the residual alcohol present in the mouth can interfere and can result in false reading. Normally the breathalyzer measures the air blown out from the lungs and this tells the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. There are more chances for a person to have left over alcohol in the mouth just after drinking and this can give false readings on display, even when the level of alcohol in blood is less than the legal limit.


Absorptive phase testing


Normally it takes half an hour to more than 2 hours for the alcohol to get completely absorbed into the body, this time period is usually called as absorptive phase. Testing for alcohol content during this time period can result in inaccurate reading.


To avoid taking poor decisions before driving, it is good to wait for few hours before testing for alcohol level in the blood using a breathalyzer.


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A best personal breathalyzer provides accurate results and you can us e a breathalyzer before you start driving.

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Breathalyzers and its Three Kinds

Breathalyzers and its Three Kinds | Breathalyzers |

Breathalyzers are devices that can measure the level of alcohol in blood accurately. BAC or Blood Alcohol Content in the blood gets displayed when a person blows into the mouthpiece of the device. Breathalyzer with ignition interlock system will be highly helpful and safeguards the whole family from getting involved in an accident. If you are a teenager and if you drive your family or friends regularly then it is must to have an ignition interlock system in the car.


Even though a personal breathalyzer does not measure the level of alcohol in blood directly, it is an easy and accurate way to find the level of alcohol in the blood by blowing air into the device. The device is used by law enforcement agencies across the globe. It allows them to check its level in the blood in a driver who is driving under the influence of alcohol.


There are more than 3 different kinds of breathalyzers available in the market and they are usually categorized based upon the sensor used in the device.

Fuel cell sensor or spectrophotometer is used in large models of breathalyzers that are commonly used in police stations.  In the fuel cell version electrochemical reaction takes place with alcohol and electrical charge is produced. If the power of the charge is greater, then the device shows higher value. Breathalyzers which uses fuel sensor methods are difficult to carry because of its large size. Accuracy of these devices is not up to 100% but still the device is helpful to find whether a person is involved in drunken driving or not.


Next is the portable breathalyzers that uses semiconductor sensors, here the accuracy depends on the type of material used. For example, breathalyzers with semiconductor sensors gives accurate results and are compact in nature that makes it easy to be carried anywhere without difficulty. As the cost of the device is low and as the accuracy rate is higher the device is used as a commercial product and also by law enforcement agencies. These devices have silicon dioxide and when a drunken person breathes into it the alcohol interacts with it and creates resistance. Amount of resistance is used as a measurement to know the amount of alcohol consumed.


Accuracy level is very low in devices with cheaper semiconductor sensors and they are usually sold at a price of $20. Most of these cheap breathalyzers are for entertainment purpose and the accuracy depends upon the precision of the maker. The main problem in these sensors is they degrade with time and it has to be recalibrated on a regular basis.


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Portable breathalyzers are small in size and can be carried anywhere without much difficulty. You can find more about different types of Breathalyzers at the author’s website.

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