Bread Manufacturers: Save BIG on Material Costs. Find out how..
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Bread Manufacturers: Save BIG on Material Costs. Find out how..
FAPL launches Dough Weight Control Solution

After the success of its high speed online checkweighers and the vast experience in the field of industrial weighing, FAPL has launched its Dough weight control solution: FAL-DOU.

Some of the Advantages

Our checkweighers have been designed keeping in mind a broad adaptability of the product in different industrial environments and providing our customer with utmost accuracy for their important weighing applications.

High Accuracy and Speed
Auto Weight Correction thorugh feedback
Easy to Operate with minimal learning curve
Data recording
Bad part Rejection
Economical Cost
Unmatched After Sale Support


FAL-DOU is designed specifically to weigh dough balls online, at high speeds, reject the bad Pieces, and automatically control the weight of the next dough balls based on an intelligent feedback mechanism.

This auto weight correction and control ensures that no weight variation occurs in dough balls. The constant weight implies much lesser wastage of raw material which in turn translates into HUGE material cost Savings for the Company.

FAL-DOU Series
Rejection Options

Sliding flaps
Pusher method
Drop down Conveyor

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