Natural Evolution of a Web Community (& how to beat it) | brave new world |
The typical evolution of a Web community looks and sounds a little something like this:


Stage 1: I love dogs! OMG, do I love dogs! If only there was a Web community to connect with others who love dogs.

Stage 2: Must. Get. Word out about my new dog community. Must host many constructive/ intelligent conversations, unlike those OTHER sites about dogs where users just howl and whine. We will be different. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Send everyone!
Stage 3: Dude, people are joining! Operation: Let’s Talk About Dogs is becoming a success! I am so smart! Floodgates open!
Stage 4: People really are talking about dogs! They love dogs! They love my site! Community rules!
Stage 5: People are talking about EVERYTHING, not just dogs! YEY! Harmony! Bliss! UNICORN FAIRY!...


Don’t let the Internet win...

Via Martin Gysler