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Tips for Building a Powerful Brand Identity for your Small Business

Tips for Building a Powerful Brand Identity for your Small Business | Brands, Brand management, Brand Architecture |

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NatalieHuynh's insight:

In my opinion, starting a business could be exciting. A strong brand can be able to help the business to be identified easily. However, building a strong brand  is a real challenge for all business organization. The article also includes  some great tips for a powerful brand identity.Knowing the true meaning behinds your brands and know the targets behind your products/services are critical steps. And then, try to make the brand approachable but differentiate by being creative and specific. After that, create a memorable connection between your business and consumers by communicating with them.  Besides, it is also important to ensure your brand's message as it is always consistent. Also, it is really important to rememeber an interesting tip is how you make 1 step backward to be able to step double forward. And so, what you give away can be an excellent marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is really really important to remember is to create a brand promise and keep it. For me I think this is an awesome and interesting article about building brand.

Leilani Verona Steffany's curator insight, April 3, 2014 6:23 AM

I feel like this article is very much IMC related. Building strong brand identity by knowing what your brand stands for, who your target market is, using social media platforms as your brands voice, allowing you to get involved and engaged with your consumers, as well as provide compelling communications to emotionally connect/ motivate your customers,  but also making sure that all your marketing communications and consumer touch points are consistent and compliment each other. And Lastly deliver your promise so your consumers come back! I think yes, this sounds like a recipe of IMC???

Ellie Bigsby's curator insight, August 11, 2014 12:04 AM

This article gives six tips to creating a noteworthy brand identity. It is important to do so as it differentiates your product and encourages consumer perception and value to increase. One of the tips that April Neill gives is to be consistent with your messages. Which is an integral part of integrated marketing communications. All of her tips are simple and effective to creating and brand identity. 

Rebecca Lynch's curator insight, November 5, 2014 5:22 PM

Branding is not just for big corporations with a higher marketing budget. April Neill has great insight here into what branding is and how it can be applied to a small business. She highlights differentiation and consistency in voice and presence across social media, website and actual business. Her tips remain true for big businesses as well, and this shows how essential branding is and how it makes any type of business more personable.

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B2B Email Marketing: How reputation, content and brand management affect deliverability

B2B Email Marketing: How reputation, content and brand management affect deliverability | Brands, Brand management, Brand Architecture |

SUMMARY: An otherwise brilliant email marketing campaign will fail if its emails are caught in spam filters. Deliverability is particularly challenging for B2B marketers. That's because they typically send emails to many different corporate domains, instead of many emails to one provider, such as Gmail or other freemail domains.


Tom Sather, Senior Director of Email Research, Return Path, offers five tactics to help ensure B2B email marketing campaigns safely reach the inbox. The process begins with establishing goals, and includes reputation, content and brand management.

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