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Brands, brand management, brand architecture
Brand management & the importance of brands.
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A strong brand, or a strong strategy, which is more important?

A strong brand, or a strong strategy, which is more important? | Brands, brand management, brand architecture |
One of the members of the SME Strategy Facebook community asked the other day: "When you have a brand name with poor strategy or a strong strategy with out a brand name......... which will lead to success ?

Via Hannah Merceanu, Paula Hudson
Jesme Fa'auuga's insight:

This article talks about the importance of both strategy and brand. A strategy to build the business and a brand to ensure its continuity. Therefore, a marketing strategy must be applied before a introducing a branding strategy. The article also points out the importance of a marketing, business, and branding strategy as a whole rather than individually.

Lou Mancer's comment, August 19, 2013 10:51 PM
This article is somewhat hard to discuss, as Nicola has said above. I agree with what Nicola has said and i also wouldn't personally say that one is more important than the other. You need a solid brand to build your business and to get this you need a strong branding strategy. The two concepts go hand in hand and i would not put one above the other.
Wenzi Liu's comment, August 21, 2013 5:29 AM
In my opinion, I believe that we need a successful strategy to build a strong brand. A strong brand and a strong strategy cannot be separated when operating a successful business.
Cen Xun's comment, August 22, 2013 3:44 AM
I it's really difficult to say with one is more important, the brand and the strategy should be working together and even, weakness strategy could ruined a good brand, and powerful strategy could be "overweight" of weakness brand, because the brand didn't have enough ability and skills to control the stategy
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Brand Reputation Management: 4 Simple Steps | Branding Business with RiechesBaird

Brand Reputation Management: 4 Simple Steps | Branding Business with RiechesBaird | Brands, brand management, brand architecture |
We live in a world where brands come under attack all the time and with the viral power of social media, these attacks can cause serious damage in a short amount of time.
Jesme Fa'auuga's insight:

This article talks about brand perceptions and how people's opinions could be mistaken for truths. It speaks of four simple steps that companies must take in order to combat negative brand perceptions. The first being that the company is responsible for what the customer is being exposed to, so the company should decide how they want to be viewed and back up such views with relevant reasons. The second step is living the brand values, in the sense that employees would be willing to work harder for leaders who exemplify what the company stands for. The third step is monitoring external reactions to the brand through the use of various forms of social media, etc. The final step is proecting the brand's reputation and taking precautions to combat threats should the company make a misstep. One leader is recommended rather than many people all trying to get a word in.

Ravneel Chandra's curator insight, March 21, 2013 4:42 AM

This article explores how the reputation of a brand has to be managed 24/7 in the 21st cetury with the birth of social media, giving customers a voice against bad experiences and mismanagement by brands. The article is also about how managing the Brand Reputation will ensure the longivity and profitability of a brand and it's equity. 

There are 4 steps to managing reputation

1 – Define How You Want To Be Perceived

2 – Live The Brand You Want To Be

3 – Monitor The Brand Constantly

4 – Protect Your Brand’s Reputation


When I think about a brand it's reputation is one of the biggest factors that drive me to buy, it is what makes a brand stronger than another and gives customers assurance about what they recieve. So managing i believe is very difficult but necessary as it has a big effect on the brand equity and architecture. If step 1 is done to near perfection the chances of the reputation being tarnished is very limited. 


What did you get out of this arcticle? Do you believe that Brand Reputation is indeed a major factor in a brands success and brand equity? What are your thoughts on the 4 steps, are they enough Manage Reputation?

Nimalan Sri's comment, March 21, 2013 6:28 AM
Brand Recognition is the key important aspect towards anything that leads you to purchase the product, it carry the strong reputation which leads us consumers to buy that product. for example Nike it is a USA brand although its being made in China that doesnt stop the cosumers purchasing the product. It shows how strong this brand is worldwide. This article tells us 4 critical steps in managing and maintaining a brand reputation... I definetely believe Ravneel that brand reputation is critically important to a brand being successful in this 21st century.. I believe these 4 steps enough to manage a strong brand reputation to bring in a strong consumer market.
Willicia Spider-Silva Vake's comment, March 21, 2013 6:59 AM
I agree with you Ravneel. The first step seems to be the most important and integral step in a brand maintaining its reputation. If a business is comfortable and secure with its image than maintaining its reputation with consumers should not be a problem.