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Discussion of the importance of brand management for organisations
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Rescooped by Holley Marie Butler from Brand Strategy and Marketing!

Social Media 101: Building Your Brand Personality

Social Media 101: Building Your Brand Personality | Brands - AUT |
Ensure your social media strategy is up to par with this crash course in the branding aspects of social media 101.

Via Rebecca Downing
Holley Marie Butler's insight:

I thought this article rightly identified brand personality as extremely important aspect for a marketer to consider and invest time into as this is what consumers will think of when they see a company. This article also pays special attention to social media and how these tools are used to build brand personality. it also highlights how maintaining a brands image is crucial, as it creates brand equity for the buisness.  

Ksenia Khor's comment, May 7, 2013 8:34 PM
I think this article can be very relevant to IMC. It describes how a brand personality can be built with tools like social media. However, it seems that the author overlooked the fact that social media might not be the best option for certain brands and, despite the fact that traditional advertising appears to be overpriced, it can still be very effective in reaching large numbers of potential consumers.
Holley Marie Butler's comment, May 9, 2013 4:11 AM
I agree that traditional advertising is very effective however I don't believe that the author was referring to social media as being the only and best option for all brands. I saw this article as more of a different take on branding through social media as it is a very relevant concept for many marketers in the digital age, and cost effective for businesses that may not have the finances for advertising as of yet.
Scooped by Holley Marie Butler!

Brand Management Guides: 5 Elements of Managing your Brand

Brand Management Drivers: Developing and managing sustainable brands requires a disciplined system of delivering exceptional and relevant experiences for the customers and stakeholders through effective connections and ongoing engagement as well as...
Holley Marie Butler's insight:

This article gives an overview of what marketers need to be aware of when buidling and managing their brand. I completely agree that key drivers for successful brand management are connection and engagement, as both of these allow for customers to give the organistion feedback. This is crucial for managing a brand as it ensures consumers and stakeholders are satisfied with the product or company. Brand advocates in the form of customers are also a powerful way of managing your brands equity. I found this article to be very helpful in providing a basis for what marketers need to look for when effectivly managing a brand.  

Ksenia Khor's comment, March 18, 2013 6:52 PM
Thanks for the article, Holley. I found this article quit useful as it contains some useful information for marketing. I liked how the author underlines that good consumer experience is one the most important factors to insure brand loyalty. Therefore custoner experience should be given special attention from marketers. However, the srticle didn't mention that the experience that customer gain sometimes can not always be controlled. For instance, what if a salesperson in the store had a bad day and was rude to a cutomer. The latter would not be happy and probably project dissatisfaction on the whole company.
Holley Marie Butler's comment, March 20, 2013 4:25 AM
I completely agree as these circumstances can heavily effect how consumers view a brand. Therefore marketers need to build their brand from the bottom up and ensure that lower level employees such as shop assistants understand the importance of having customers engage and connect with the brand. One way to encourage them to do this is through offering rewards such as incentives.
Shu'aib Dopey Lakey's comment, March 20, 2013 8:52 AM
I see 5 considerations that I can follow when analysing brand management. I do like this article it’s simple and to the point, laid out well and very useful in my opinion. I like how this article makes it seem like if you do not follow these drivers your brand won’t be “successful”. I also liked the point you guys made that branding should be implemented at the level of employees in retail stores for example are at times representing the brand, kinda like the face of the company are the receptionists and PA's, everyone is important. IMC.