Brands and brand management: the importance of branding
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What is Branding? And Should Small Businesses Care?

What is Branding? And Should Small Businesses Care? | Brands and brand management: the importance of branding |
What is branding? This articles answers the question in terms small businesses understand, and offers 4 quick and inexpensive ways to reinforce brand.
Maybelle O'Connell's insight:

article discusses the importance of branding and points out that small businesses can overlook this important marketing strategy. Branding is essentially what sets you apart from competition. It’s about the perception people have of a company and it reinforces what the brand is known for. It creates an identity and lets consumers know what to expect from a company. For example when you think of coffee you think of Starbucks, wherever you are you know what to expect from Starbucks so you’ll choose to go there over any other coffee shop. Consumers have many choices when it comes to products and services. Branding creates awareness and customer loyalty. Branding will distinguish your company from the rest making customers want to purchase your products and or service because they know what they’re going to get.

Branding is important for any business – big or small. Companies need to identify what sets them  apart because if you don’t know what you stand for then your customers probably won’t too.   

Angela Kim's comment, August 19, 2013 5:12 AM
i agree with what maybelle has commented about branding. in my opinion, branding is one of the most important but difficult issue for the business. Branding is important becasue consumers are more easily get attention by the brand and easily recognizable. therefore, it people knows your brand, it can also be verfied as they know the identityof the business aswell.
Vetida Namprasert's comment, August 20, 2013 6:50 AM
I agree with what Maybelle about all the business should be awareness of how powerful the brand is to their company. no matter how big the company is. Branding strategy is the most important tool to helps the company to win their customer's heart and keep them loyalty when they trust or love the brand
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Branding Strategy Insider | Strong Brands And Corporate Growth

Branding Strategy Insider | Strong Brands And Corporate Growth | Brands and brand management: the importance of branding |
In what ways does developing a strong brand increase a company’s growth potential?
Maybelle O'Connell's insight:

I agree with this article where a strong brand can increase the corporate growth of a company. A strong brand and logo helps identify to consumers who they are and allows them to choose which brand they want to buy. A strong brand is part of the equity of a company. Consumers buy the product, they like the product; they trust the name and know it is of good quality so they will continue to buy from that particular brand thus creating a successful business where consumers will continue to come back.

I agree that a company with a strong brand name has an easier time getting into distribution channels and that this will contribute to the growth of the company. The easier it is to distribute your product the easier it is to reach a large consumer base. 

Yangyu Wang's comment, August 22, 2013 2:42 PM
Logo is just one of an essential element for a brand. But a strong brand always has its own unique logo. A brand is much more than a simple logo. It more likes a culture, a story with characters and personalities. A strong brand has its own taste, sound and smell.
Ying Wang's curator insight, September 1, 2014 12:15 AM

I am agree with it is relevant to Brand Equity. Strong Brands can help a business develop product or service faster and with discipline. It will be easier to attract the right kind of partner or investor. Strong brand can be handy in many areas just like Samsung.

Frédéric Pressac's curator insight, March 10, 2015 6:57 AM

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