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Which Email Practices Seem to be Working for Brands?

Which Email Practices Seem to be Working for Brands? | Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement |
Email practices - from signup to unsubscribe - have significantly changed over the past 5 years, details Return Path [download page] in a recent study. Brands are asking for.
Alysha Mackenzie's insight:

Direct marketing is the generation of response or transaction. This response or transaction is commonly gained through database building. This article discusses database building in relation to email signups. When buying a clothing item I am frequently asked to sign up to the database to receive offers such as 10 - 20 % off or exclusive access to online sales. Therefore I found this article to be a very interesting read. From a study conducted, brands that send a message more than once weekly had the worst inbox placement and messages in which were personalized had the worst read and complaint rates. It is said that brands are now asking for less at signup (just an email address) and are more commonly starting the brand - customer relationship off with a welcome email before spamming them with information, deals, sales and surveys. 

Shaahen Merchant's comment, September 23, 2013 9:37 PM
Being frequently exposed to spam emails from the places I shop at, I can say it is very annoying and I usually just ignore them and press delete. However getting fewer emails from places I shop at make me more intrigued when they do actually appear in my inbox. Its very psychological, the less you see someone the more interested you are in what they have been doing recently.
Stephanie Tucker's comment, September 24, 2013 8:04 PM
I agree with less spamming emails I am more likely to look at what they are offering me, email is a great tool to use for advertising a brand in my opinion as it allows to create a direct relationship with each consumer, however depending on the way the company goes about it will either result in a positive or negative outcome.
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8 Direct Mail & Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Small Business Is Making

8 Direct Mail & Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Small Business Is Making | Direct Marketing and Consumer Engagement |
Who says direct mail is dead? Many small businesses are spending their hard-earned money on direct mail campaigns to help drive traffic through their doors. But, with social media being where the “fish are”, I expected most small businesses use social media with their direct mail marketing. To dig a little deeper into this hypothesis this weekend, I opened up one of my hometown coupon packages that I found in my mailbox. I wanted to see how local small businesses, such as the ones in the Collegeville, PA area, were using social media to meet their business goals. I expected that every small business was using social media and making sure it was integrated into everything they did make sure their business was successful.

Via Brian Yanish -, TechinBiz
Alysha Mackenzie's insight:

Gerry Moran stresses the need for small businesses to advertise their social media sites through direct mail marketing. There are many benefits of doing this including the obvious, making customers aware that your business is connected to the various social media sites. A business Facebook page should be updated daily twice a day if you want to keep the attention of your fans.  However, I have just created a Facebook page for a family owned fabric shop and I find this a little excessive. Who has time to update Facebook twice a day with insightful and relevant posts? QR codes are also highly recommended by Gerry, however instructions should be given on how to use the codes and explanation as to why people should. I agree with this as I am yet to scan a QR code on my phone and as this is still a relatively new concept I think instructions need to be given on how it is done. 

Daryl Peterson's comment, September 26, 2013 9:24 PM
Yes matt this article is indeed very insightful and describes in detail what small businesses are doing wrong by using direct marketing with older methods. They should instead be taking into account exactly where all the consumers are which are on social media sites e.g facebook and consider advertising on there, making a page to get their brand image out to consumers within their segemented targer market. In doing so will have much better luck of succeeding using a modernised version of communication which is quick, efficient and effective in the world today.
Jarrod Gardiner's curator insight, September 26, 2013 10:16 PM

This article looks at ways a business can improve its direct marketing. The following is a list of ways it can improve its direct marketing:

Promote Your Social Media Channels

Always Link To Your Business’ Social Media Channels. 

Social Media Logos. 

Keep Your Social Media Pages Updated.

Tell Me Why I Need To Scan A QR Codes.

Add More Contact Information On Your Mailer.

Use Google Plus To Make It Easier To Be Found. 

Find A Part-time Marketing Coach To Add To Your Team. 


heeyeon yoon's curator insight, September 29, 2014 7:45 PM

People think direct mail is dead, but many small businesses are still spending money for direct mail campaigns and a lot of small businesses are using social media with their direct mail marketing. From the research 9 of the 51 small businesses integrated social media with their shared mailer tactic and 20 of the 51 advertising businesses did not include their social media channels. 

There are some advice to social media advice for small business when using direct mail;
-promote your social media channels
-always link to your business' social media channels
-use more than social media logos
keep your social media pages updated
-add more contact information on your mailer
-use google plus to make it easier to be found
-find a part-time marketing casch to add to your team