Brandon Colker Veteran sportsman and Finance professional | Brandon Colker |

Brandon Colker is a well-educated and highly experienced professional who has a huge knowledge of his profession. He just loves to solve hard and difficult cases. He respects others and wants to be respected and known in the exact same way. He finds it interesting likes to face challenges and keeps challenging his own achievements. He has studied from some of the most reputed educational institutes located in New York and has also been an active boxer for a great number of years in his school time. Kick-boxing is a mixture of martial arts and a stand up combat sport where one can combine together other fighting techniques that include Boxing, Thai boxing, Karate and more. This sport is widely popular in various countries; particularly in Asia where it has been established. It is also gaining popularity throughout the world. It involves highly strict safety rules such as the wearing of protective gear and more.


In America, the kick-boxing is a little different from others; here the opponents are allowed to hit each other with feet and fists. They have to strike above the hip. Both opponents are not allowed to use elbows and knees and the use of shins is highly restricted. Brandon Colker believes that kick-boxing an exciting sport to watch and one can participate in it if he/she has a strong will power. It is known as one of the best ways to build up stamina, strength, and flexibility. He loves to practice kick-boxing and he does that while listening to his favorite music. The most amazing thing about this sport is that it helps the participants burn a lot of calories and offers overall muscle buildings. Besides from kick-boxing, he also likes to get involved in various activities such as painting, reading, ice skating, bowling, swimming, playing baseball, water rappelling, watching movies on television, rock climbing, snowboarding, paragliding, hiking, bungee jumping, and more.


Such kind of activities allows Brandon Colker to keep a perfect balance between his busy and leisure time. He understands this fact that life is the most wonderful gift of God; no one knows when it will come to an end. This is why, he loves to enjoy every aspect his life and likes to do things he wants to do whenever he gets the chance. He doesn’t believe in waiting for tomorrow, and likes to do things today and grabbing the opportunity the first time as he thinks that opportunities never knock twice.