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Let us start by putting in perspective the grand rules for business and brand success; brands management is based on strategic planning and implementation. The strength or success of any brand or business is directly a function of the operating strategic input.  That explains why ideal corporate persons engage top end executives to develop winning strategies.


A strategy is an overall approach towards achieving identified goals or objective. It focuses on the articulate interpretation of extraneous values-influencers, controllable and otherwise, in relations to own-strengths and weaknesses. Strategy evolution for brands and businesses is based on proper understanding of the broader context operative in the business environment of interest.  A strategy is directive, instructive and rewarding.


Competitive engagement for businesses and brands start with evolving the strategic option with the most advantageous competitive advantages.  Business executives begin with a careful and scientific analysis of the businessenvironment and conditions operative in the chosen industry. Key, therefore, is the underlying logic that a company’s strategic options are bounded by the environment.