Brand management, brand loyalty, brand personality
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Brand management, brand loyalty, brand personality
Brand management, brand loyalty, brand personality
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4 ways mobile rich media can boost brand loyalty

4 ways mobile rich media can boost brand loyalty | Brand management, brand loyalty, brand personality |

Real mobile marketing ROI is achieved when you tackle the medium in a few smart, targeted ways. Ensure a rich customer experience with this no-nonsense guide.

You want to sell your product so you buy a lot of media, you run TV ads, billboards, print ads; you endlessly repeat your message and your brand promise, and people buy it. Sounds like the 20th century? It is, but it works. It's been tested a million times, it's reliable, and it's quite effective. On the flip side, it alienates your consumers, it detaches them from the brand, and it's becoming less and less effective. Before they buy, consumers increasingly want to interact with the brand, co-create it, play with it, get intimate with it, and touch it -- physically touch it. With rich media mobile advertising, they can.

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Lauren-Elsa Grigor's insight:

This article is most relevant to advertising within apps etc. it makes a very good point about having lacally aware ads, as often we may get ads here in NZ for amercan G+S that we can't access. Mobile advertising also need to be careful that it doesn't go the way of pop ups, imagine if you were the person who came up with that and all of a sudden a "pop-up blocker" was the best thing to happen to the browser? basically, not all touch points are effective. I feel like in game advertising could make users frustrated to the point of uninstalling an app. then what are you left with?

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Where Are All the Crabby Brands? | CBX

Where Are All the Crabby Brands? | CBX | Brand management, brand loyalty, brand personality |
How would you feel if your favorite brand had a bad attitude? Via
Lauren-Elsa Grigor's insight:

This article makes a good point in that top brands (mostly MNCs) all carry virtuous "personality traits" they appear to be kind and sincere. However in the digital age and our demand for brand transparency, maybe this is all becoming too much of a good thing? Surely we'll get to a point where brand management is so good and B2C communication is unsurpassed that we could never say a bad thing about the brand. 

This got me thinking...

I think as consumers and marketing students it is very important to be aware of how the company want the brand to be presented to us. If a brand manager want the brand's personality to resemble that of a human personality then surely there should be some good and bad personality traits?

Right now the only sins I see these brands comitting is Greed. Am I the only one who sees this?

On another not of transparency, These sorts of major brands (Coca cola, Loreal, Starbucks and Nestle to name a few) want to appear very transparent to their consumers but what about other stakeholders? Are all employees granted the same level of transparency or do they "see" something that we as consumers don't? As we know, this lack of transparency in employee relations or at some point during the supply chain can lead to the hungriest stakeholder - The Media - making the lack of transparency very, very clear to the public.

Tibor Napan's comment, March 20, 2013 8:29 PM
How a a brand portrays itself is key and i totally agree with what you said, it is crucial for us to pay attention to how a company presents itself to us.
James Gatward's comment, March 21, 2013 4:38 AM
I like this article. Its informative. Brands are people ultimately, living things that have to be tended and nutured and when they hang out with the right crowd theyre fine, and they flourish, however we all have our faults, so do brands.
Lilia Storonskaya's comment, March 21, 2013 6:26 PM
Yes, we all can see the good sides of everything we do or buy. Even more, we particularly look for these good sides when deciding on action or purchase. The article makes a good point - we as consumers are directly connected with brands via the shared good traits. But I agree with Lauren, that consumers don't know how well those good traits are spread through the whole organisation. Does every employee who somehow represents (or involved in) the brand shares and receives the good vibes?

Furthermore, it is indeed important for us as marketing students to understand this connection between customers-brands-and traits. And as it was mentioned in the article, not only positive traits but negative as well.
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Brands breeding loyalty through digital

Brands breeding loyalty through digital | Brand management, brand loyalty, brand personality |

Smart brands are leveraging digital platforms to not only find customers but to also build relationships. Meet the 20 companies that are doing it best.


Building brand loyalty is one thing. Marketing smartly through digital platforms is another. And strangely, the two don't always walk hand in hand. Some of the brands with the most loyal customers are notoriously traditional when it comes to their marketing efforts. And some of the most digitally savvy brands out there still have to contend with relatively flaky customer bases.


But digital marketing and fostering loyalty aren't mutually exclusive -- far from it. The best digital marketing is designed to do just that. So which brands are best leveraging digital platforms to really drive loyalty? Until recently, it's been hard to know.


Recognizing this knowledge gap, research consultancy Brand Keys debuted its Digital Platform GPS earlier this year. The platform is designed to help brands match marketing strategy and digital communication in their categories and -- most critically -- to build loyalty.


"It's clear that brands are struggling to identify the intersection of consumer engagement with digital and what drives loyalty with their brands," said Amy Shea, EVP for global brand development at Brand Keys. "As pervasive as digital media is, surprisingly there was no single source that identified how various digital platforms engage -- and nothing that connected it to how consumers engage specifically with a brand's category."


To shed light on this issue, iMedia Connection partnered with Brand Keys to leverage its new tool to identify the brands that are best leveraging digital platforms to build customer loyalty. To do so, Brand Keys examined 598 brands and 14 digital platforms.


Here are the top 20 brands on the resulting list.

If you're looking to jumpstart or improve own online engagements with customers, you'd do well to take a page from these brands' playbooks.

Lauren-Elsa Grigor's insight:

This article drives home the point that the big players in the game are doing it right. Keeping up with social media by using their already enourmous market presence, however how much can the little guys really learn from this? I feel like its a snowball effect for Coke and McDs as they have so much power and are involved in numerous marketing activities, they just keep getting bigger and better. These are the leaders in Integrated marketing communications.
For big retail chains they have become market leaders in online shopping, "If you can't beat it, join it" seems to be the best motto to adopt in this situation.
For small players it is so important to have all of your marketing efforts integrated; social media, online store, website and sales promotions.

Kellie Ho's curator insight, August 8, 2013 7:07 PM

This article talks about how building brand loyalty and marketing smartly thorugh digital platforms don't always go together because there are some brands with the most loyal customers who are really traditional when it comes to marketing. There is no actual answer to know which brands are actually good at controlling digital platforms to gain customer loyalty. 


I think Brand Keys, the consultancy company, was on the right track with building loyalty by introducing their Digital Platform GPS earlier in 2012 because brands are having trouble with identifying the intersection of consumer engagement with digital platforms and figuring out what drives loyalty with their brand. 

Shino Takano's comment, August 18, 2013 9:57 PM
This is an interesting article, I agree with Kellie's insight on how brand loyalty and digital marketing may have conflict with each other. Depending on the brand, marketing in a digital platform may not lead to a growth in consumer loyalty as traditional brands may not suit in too well with digital marketing.
Hannah Joy Gaisford's comment, August 20, 2013 6:17 AM
This article was really interesting. I didn't even consider that some brands prefer not to use digital platforms. However I do know that in the menswear store I work in management were really anti using facebook and it took them some time to come around to it. I'm not sure I agree with Kellies insight that there are no answers to know which brands are good at controlling digital platforms to gain customer loyalty as I definitely think there are some brands that have mastered this really well. I agree with kellie however that Brand Keys were right on track with introducing their digital platform gps :)