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Brand imc.
The importance of branding and imc
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Branding Strategy Insider | Strong Brands And Corporate Growth

Branding Strategy Insider | Strong Brands And Corporate Growth | Brand imc. |
In what ways does developing a strong brand increase a company’s growth potential?
Kerri-Ann Choromanski's insight:

This article relates the brand image to the pricing and growth of companies. It shows the connection in three specific ways. Charge a higher price that hopefully leads to higher profits, a brand name’s strength determines how quickly and successfully a company can expand and when a brand gains trust and respect they are able to launch more products. Examples are shown for larger companies… but can this be applied to smaller companies? Or companies that havn’t been around as long as Coca-Cola?

Lilia Storonskaya's comment, March 21, 2013 6:51 PM
The article gives a good explanation of links between the strength of brand and company's success (in terms of revenue, recognition, awareness and so on). However, what it does not mention that the brand strength cannot be developed overnight (meaning the short period of time). All the companies that were used as examples worked hard in the past for many years to build their brands and these days they for sure engoy the benefits of their hard work.

Furthermore, I agree with you. That got me thinking, do we as consumers give a real chance to other companies to establish their brands? Or we just buy and use what we know best without willingness to switch? Also, as an example, we all know the "bad sides" of Coca-Cola; alot was said about its unhealthy influence. But we keep using it because it is such a strong brand that we tend to close our eyes on the negative points. Is it also a part of company's success?
faisal bin afif's comment, March 21, 2013 8:10 PM
A strong brand arguably would allow a business to leverage of this to gain a larger share of the market. Depending on the business and its strategy increased revenues through increased market share may be more important than charging more to increase revenues. Otherwise the strength of a powerful brand cannot be underestimated by the marketer and must be leveraged through an integrated marketing communication strategy to generate maximum benefits. Therefore the importance of a firms brand is paramount to all marketers.
Avi Prasad's comment, March 21, 2013 8:32 PM
I agree with the article, yes strong branding strategies can lead to strong growth for a company but it has to also do with the market you are in as well, not only that matching a strong brand with the ability to match what the brand strategy is selling to the consumers is crucial, failure to do so will lead to negative brand image. I also agree with Faisal, yes it would lead to a greater market share and like the article states allows the company to charge somewhat of a premium because of the brand image of that company. Brand strategy how ever like Fasial has said only a component in both a integrated marketing communication strategy and marketing strategy.
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World's Most Desirable Luxury Brands -

World's Most Desirable Luxury Brands - | Brand imc. |
If money were no object, these labels would get the nod from the globe's savviest shoppers.
Kerri-Ann Choromanski's insight:

This article basically sparks the topic… If money were no object how would we spend it? Would we buy the brands we desire now?

Becky Norman's comment, March 19, 2013 8:06 PM
I believe this article shows the the value of a good, well known brand. These luxury brands such as Gucci are the top brands people wish to buy if money was no object. They hardly differ from other clothing and accessories brand, other than the price and the label. These brands can charge premium prices just because of how they have built their brand, and the social status that comes with owning their products. If money was no object these are the first brands people wish to buy.
Marche Adams's comment, March 20, 2013 9:32 PM
i agree with what becky ^ has said. couldnt have put it any other way :)
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Why Brand Building Is Important - Forbes

Why Brand Building Is Important - Forbes | Brand imc. |
Scott Goodson is the founder of StrawberryFrog. His first book, Uprising exploring Movement Marketing has been published by McGraw Hill.

Via Manyang Manyang
Kerri-Ann Choromanski's insight:

This article covers why brands are important. We see that with No branding, there is no differentiation between products. With No differentiation there is no long-term profitability. “People don’t have relationships with products, they are loyal to brands” which is true. We buy a product due to the perception of who makes it and their values matching ours.

Jess Tracey's comment, March 20, 2013 6:30 AM
I agree with your comment Charlotte that a strong brand allows a company to charge a lot more for a product than what they would charge for one without a brand. A brand is invaluable. It creates loyalty, a sense of belonging and generally creates feelings in a consumer which drives them to pay more for that particular branded product.
Josh Maunsell's comment, March 21, 2013 3:20 AM
Adding to Manyang's comment - A strong brand perceived by consumers is trusted because of the customer’s loyalty to that brand. A customer can become loyal to the brand through what the article describes as a "movement strategy". An example of a movement strategy would be the "share a coke with...” campaign; which got consumers involved with the brand. Consumers would share a coke with their friend because their name would be on the coke bottle.'
Johnny Li's comment, March 21, 2013 10:20 PM
It's a shame we don't get to read the author's new book Uprising. It must be a interesting book as the author will illustrate the details of how can we build a brand. I agree with you that building a brand is building its value and culture. Without building the culture the brand could not last long and could not reach to the customers successfully. The other implication from this article is about the comsumer behaviour in the emerging markets. Consumers from these market would not exam in details of the actually uses of some products. Instead they'll go straight to the famous brands. This is the reason why when a indian company wants to expand to the globle market the first thing they consider is not buying the product line but buying the brand.