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Rescooped by Anna Kong from Communication with consumers: the importance of emotional responses!

How Social Media and Mobile Technology Impact the Customer Experience [Infographic]

How Social Media and Mobile Technology Impact the Customer Experience [Infographic] | IMC |
It’s easy for technology start-ups and web service companies to understand the importance of communicating with customers through channels such as social

Via Joanna Hou
Anna Kong's insight:

I agree with this article, technologies are getting more advanced as days goes by, there are more ways to communicate with business for the consumers. Especially through, the social media channel such as Facebook. But however, it may be a good idea for the companies to have too much focus on the new social and forgetting their roots. As shown in the articles that 84% still prefers to talk on the phone and instead of the 16% would prefers to get in contact with the social Medias. There are no rights to disregard the social media net work, and perhaps it may be the opposite in the future, but till today most people would still go to phone or directly conversations, as it may seen polite. 

Sam Liu's comment, August 19, 2013 4:51 AM
I totally agree that face to face with customer interaction takes time and yes, customer want to be satisfied needs but not building relationship with them. Thus technology change B2c or B2B interationl. Me as a customer, I personally prefer to interact through company website.
Gibson Zhou's comment, August 21, 2013 7:50 PM
It is a article about how communicate between business and customers. it may be a good idea for the companies to have too much focus on the new social and forgetting their roots through new technology. I believe that it is still the single best method for building relationships and getting a true understanding of your customers’ needs. The problem is that it takes time and your customers aren’t always willing to give it. The article also discusses the trending ways of communicating with such as social media. Throughtout the recent years , with the popularity of facebook, twitter and tout as well as the release of smart phones, companies are finding new ways to communicate with their customers.
Haifeng LIU's comment, August 23, 2013 10:07 PM
Some loud headlines and lots of value if you are prepared to dig down to the detail and the actual methodology. The ‘however for me though is that some of the headlines dont seem so stunning (e.g. contact direct less popular now than web) and what about the fact that telephone still heads the list – that’s the headline for me!
Rescooped by Anna Kong from Milestone 1!

What the Heck is Integrated Marketing Anyway?

What the Heck is Integrated Marketing Anyway? | IMC |
When I first started my business, several decades ago, I was determined to tell people that, mine was an integrated marketing firm.

Via Gorretti Lili Hakalo Vea
Anna Kong's insight:

This article is really useful as it provides us with writer’s definition, a straight forward explanation and also a great example over on the integrated marketing concepts. This article is very useful for people that have no clues on what IMC is about at the first place. Example of an architect was giving and it went further on how people needs to know what consumers wants are in order to provide them with the best solution to their needs. This article gives an easy understanding on integrated marketing regarding to what it is and how it gets develop. 

Ahmed Salman's comment, August 22, 2013 5:51 PM
I agree with your insight renay. I like how you explained what integrated marketing is and how helps in developing the image of the brand you provided good explanations and examples in your insight for this article.
Teagan Adams's comment, August 22, 2013 6:31 PM
Renay explains well here the way that integrated marketing is part of all aspects of the company and goes a long way in communicating to the customer what sort of brand they are and what they represent. Even the way by which they communicate adds to this reputation as Renay pointed out with door knockers and social media.
Gibson Zhou's comment, August 22, 2013 8:20 PM
it's a nice article, good thinking
Rescooped by Anna Kong from Brands, brand management, brand architecture. - IMC milestone 1!

A strong brand, or a strong strategy, which is more important?

A strong brand, or a strong strategy, which is more important? | IMC |
One of the members of the SME Strategy Facebook community asked the other day: "When you have a brand name with poor strategy or a strong strategy with out a brand name......... which will lead to success ?

Via Mele Tauveli
Anna Kong's insight:

I agree with article because I believe that it is important for the consumer to have strong brand awareness, therefore the consumers need to use different strategies like marketing strategy, business strategy, online strategy and many more. These factors may create awareness for the brands towards the consumers. Through the past half century, majority of the consumers would only chose a brand due to their knowledge of the brand or purely just getting the brand for its frame between people. Over all no matter what the size of the business is, it is important to use different types of strategies to make sure the brand will be successful in a longer term period. 

Crystal Harvey's comment, August 21, 2013 11:29 PM
After reading this article, I gathered more knowledge of the importance of strategy. I now understand that creating a strong strategy is more significant than creating a strong brand, as it is the strategy that creates a strong brand. Overall a very informative read.
kendall irvine's comment, August 22, 2013 5:43 AM
This article really highlights how important strategy plan and management with brands is important. A strategy is the core of any business and without it, there wouldn't be any overall success - the brand wouldn't be able to survive. The strategy companies such as Adidas, Redbull, Absolut, Nike have used is to promote the lifestyle rather than the function of the product/brand and how it can be useful in anyone's life.
Jessie Joseph's comment, August 22, 2013 7:57 AM
I definitely agree with this blog when choosing strategy over brand, as like they state you need a solid strategy to build your business, which in turn I believe would build a good brand. It is also so true and something I haven't thought much about is the fact that now brands such as addidas and nike do not sell the functionality of their products anymore, rather they sell the 'lifestyle'. This is because they have built there business with a strong strategy and can now afford to sell solely by there brand name. I also agree with you Mele regards to businesses that do not find themselves being successful need to come up with a strong strategy to build there business or even look at how they can improve an existing one. Overall a very interesting read.
Rescooped by Anna Kong from Week 4 - Communicating with consumers: the importance of emotional responses!

Corporate Redesigns That Work - Speckyboy Design Magazine

Corporate Redesigns That Work - Speckyboy Design Magazine | IMC |
To stay afloat during this tough economic period, companies must change with the times; this sometimes includes a new logo or even a whole new brand identi

Via jamie johns
Anna Kong's insight:

The article has created a well illustration on how to emphasise the image of the brand and its logo are the important concepts to create an emotional response in regards to the consumers. Majority of the consumers would have just known remember the brand by its appearance and its logo. In this article it has use pepsi as example. It changes its appearance every few years, because most business wants to be trending towards more simple images. As for the future more business will have simplistic styles to symbolic their brands.  

Yangyu Wang's comment, August 22, 2013 2:43 PM
I agree with the article that the company need to change their look with logo's and marketing to keep their consumers engaged, but we have to think about it critically because not all the changes are successful, especially when changes of the logos. If pay enough attention on those successful examples displayed by author, it is obvious that almost all the new looks are very similar with their old looks. This somehow explains that logo is very important to brand image and identity. The unsuccessful changes may also cause the brand loses bonding between their consumers.
James Bradley's comment, August 22, 2013 9:48 PM
This article is very interesting. Having an understanding for design trends in terms of branding is important. Consumers are increasingly aware of trends and creating an emotional response using the consumer perspective of what is unique or up with the times so to speak is essential when determining the direction for a brand. Simplifying logos and moving away from complicated logos does make sense. Consumers today have less time and head space for marketing communications. As a result memory and recall of brands and communications need to be simple yet informative and creating an emotional response to a particular communication is essential for a brand to compete in todays environment.
Will Costello's curator insight, August 22, 2013 10:35 PM

This article articulates an importance of changing a brand to adapt to new times in order to keep relevant in the market and with consumers. The article identifies many well-known brands that have redesigned their logos and they brand identity to gain a constructive response from consumers. Firstly they identify Pepsi, who have changed their brand countless times leading towards simplicity. This has helped Pepsi with their color association, as the product removes the jargon and concentrates more on exploiting the red, white and blue. This is an extremely valuable strategy for Pepsi as a brand, as consumers draw an emotional response being able to easily associate these colors with the brand. The article identifies many different brands that have had simple but effective changes such as Pepsi. Something as small as simplicity can have give the brand a major advantage and help it adapt in the eye of the consumer, triggering a positive response in the market.

Rescooped by Anna Kong from IMC Milestone 1 & 2!

Innovations key to customer engagement - ITWeb

Innovations key to customer engagement - ITWeb | IMC |
Innovations key to customer engagement ITWeb Graham Webster, Telefónica Europe director of customer experience, who was also at the event explained that the idea is to “treat customer experience as physical and emotional.” High levels of loyalty...

Via Jaklin Issaeva
Anna Kong's insight:

i agree with this statement, end of the day, the consumer engagement are to create a consumer impact so therefore it would have generate behavioural result as to sale or inquiry or may even be a altitudinal result such as emotional impression or changes to the attitudes. Quote “when consumers feel it’s their brand, they’re invested in it” consumer engagement plays a huge role, because often the company relies on it to generates the sales for the companies, so therefore the companies relies on them to create a better consumer relationship and therefore it will leads to brand loyalty. 

Jaklin Issaeva's curator insight, August 7, 2013 2:36 AM

Yes, I agree with the statement:  “When consumers feel it’s their brand, they’re invested in it,” because the over all goal of consumer engagement is to create meaningful consumer impact and generate either a behavioral result such as driving a sale or inquiry, or an attitudinal result such as making an emotional impression or changing attitudes. I feel that consumer engagement plays a vital role in generating sales for companies and building positive consumer relationships/ brand loyalty through helping consumers feel more connected with a brand or product on a more personal level. Needs and wants are triggered by attributes which a person finds personally relevant, by engaging with a consumer, you allow them to experience a two way dialog.This can give a brand faster and more effective access to connect with consumers and allow them to become collaborators on new products.

JianWang's comment, August 20, 2013 8:02 PM
Good thinking article
Gibson Zhou's comment, August 21, 2013 9:06 PM
This article is talking about customers help companies to innovate. Today, we have powerful global internet. This provide a possible way to let customers and companies communicate easily. Companies don’t need spend a hug money to do a customer research. Customers will respond their thinking, their need and their wants to companies by internet. This innovation total change our conventional wisdom. It is a very good article to introduce this innovation to us.