Milestone 1.
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Milestone 1.
Weeks 1-3. Consumers' hospital decisions based on social media.
Curated by Luke Mariner
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Why Brand Building Is Important - Forbes

Why Brand Building Is Important - Forbes | Milestone 1. |
Scott Goodson is the founder of StrawberryFrog. His first book, Uprising exploring Movement Marketing has been published by McGraw Hill.

Via Wit Kritcharoen
Luke Mariner's insight:

Creating a well-known and respected brand is important for a company in a number of ways. Having a recognised brand increases consumer loyalty as it relates to the emotions of consumers, which therefore builds the strongest relationship between the brand and consumer (emotional). This article portrays that people don’t have relationships with products, but rather with brands. Due to this, the respect of the brand increases amongst consumers which then makes it harder for competition. If a company understand their branding, there are endless opportunities if approached in the correct ways. 

Wit Kritcharoen's curator insight, March 19, 2013 4:42 AM

"No branding, no differentiation. No differentiation, no long-term profitability." This statement is quite true, as without branding companies can ntot differentiate themeslaves with other which lead to a loss in the long run. Therefore, branding is more important than ever.

Neungy Kung's curator insight, March 19, 2013 8:06 PM

I agree with this statement as brand building is important because company need to make themselves unique or differentiate from other brand so that they could mark-up the prices of their products. When customers see products coming from particular brands they like, they would likely to buy from that brand rather than other brands. Therefore, brands building is important so that company can make lots of sales to be able to make profits.

Vana Chatikavanij's comment, April 9, 2013 9:54 AM
I agree with this article as building a strong brand helps to generate good brand awareness. Branding is everything!!! Many companies have proven this to be true as the stronger brand they are the more advantage they will have among other business competitors.
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Social media changes how patients pick hospitals | Articles | Main

Social media changes how patients pick hospitals | Articles | Main | Milestone 1. |
More than 40 percent of patients say social media impacts their hospital choice.
Luke Mariner's insight:

Brand awareness has reached a new level especially now that social media is so largely integrated. In the past it could be assumed that hospital's generally would have been chosen by consumers based on distance and specialty, however these days social media strongly impacts this. More than 40% of consumers now base their hospital decisions on social media, showing that brand awareness is an extremely important concept in our day and age. If a hospital is not involved in such media they risk losing consumers, due to new consumers being unnaware of their existence. Social media should be seen as a long term marketing process, as it increases awareness via social media and positive ratings create the next step for returning customers, thus brand loyalty. Not only this but it allows negative feedback to be confronted and solved as well. 

Apar Sethi's comment, March 22, 2013 1:08 AM
I agree to this point as social media is definitely changing consumers preferences. Nowadays people select the brand which is socially active and communication process through social media is effective. Social media has evolved as a very good concept in today's world as it is helping both consumer's as well as brands by creating brand awareness and brand loyalty. Consumer's can rely on a brand which is social media active.