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LOTS  of great links and teaching resources about a wildlife wonder which may start entomologists and biologists vocations.


"Over the next few weeks, as soil temperatures reach a sustained temperature of 64 degrees, cicadas from Connecticut to North Carolina will emerge from their subterranean world for the first time since they burrowed underground as nymphs in 1996, returning in numbers that dwarf those other spectacles. The buzzing of males will be heard in a mating ritual that stretches back to at least the ice age. Then, within six weeks, they will all be dead, hundreds of millions, if not billions, of them, and their progeny will not be seen until 2030.


These are the Brood II cicadas, one of the longest living insects in the world, seen only once every 17 years along the East Coast........."

 Among the resources listed, :


And also check the fascinating video A2, B1 pre-intermediate, intermediate and over:

The exceptional documentary ( no commentaries)


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There is an OFFICIAL WEBSITE (A MUST VISIT) ( devoted to the magicicada Brood II.

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