"Revamped Food Flashcards page, with Jason's son Jamie performing the vocabulary on video!"

"Flashcards for food items (snacks/junk food, fruit, vegetables) for young English language learners




English Raven's excellent youtube channel for teachers & learners:



"The video above features English Raven and English Raven Junior presenting and chatting about a variety of foods from three broad groups: snacks/junk food, fruit and vegetables.

The English Raven Food Flashcards comprise 50 high quality cards depicting food items divided into three separate colour-coded groups.

They also feature 'grammar toolbars' at the bottom of each card to help introduce or remind students about countable versus noncount singular and plural rules (and/or pave the way to activation of particles):"


English Raven FREE DOWNLOAD PAGE  excellent:



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There are also some other options in the (orange) menu above exclusive to English Raven Members."


From the great site http://www.englishraven.com/


"Welcome to English Raven, a web-based collection of resources, materials and teaching ideas for EFL/ESL that I have been building for more than 10 years now. With a focus on practicality as well as innovation, you're sure to find something here that will add that extra spark to your English language classroom!"


Found on the excellent twitter of Sarah Feather   @SarahHannah. Worth following....

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