One in 8 Million - New York Characters in Sound & Images | The New York Times | Brainfriendly motivating comprehension resources for ESL EFL learners |


Double-clicking on the main picture unveils a series of photos illustrating an autobiographical story told by a central character. The whole lot offers moving & interesting portraits -brief bits of NYC lives- as for me they sound/look great for building comprehension tasks...  & analysing visual documents as well ! Help yourself :o)




"New York is a city of characters. The Green Thumb, whose community garden in a Brooklyn housing project shows children tha eggs don't come from eggplant. The Dictaphone Doctor, last of a dying bred. The Jury Clerk, who says 'Good morning' 200 times a day, and means it. [...]" and so many others. :o)

Via Monica Mirza, Aulde de Barbuat