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 USA  - Watching the Skies..for alien civilisations - 17 min 16 sec [4 February 2013] - 17 min 16 sec    



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"In the last decade cutting-edge techniques have radically transformed planet hunting. Against a background of frenetic discovery, an elite band of scientists are looking for something new: alien civilisations."


"If it's ever going to happen, it'll happen before the mid-part of this century." As part of a global team searching for signals from E.T., Dr Seth Shostak is on the front-line of a dynamic field of research. And though a breakthrough remains elusive, the team remains optimistic that the universe is big enough for the truth to still be out there - according to head astronomer Dr. Jill Tarter, "It would be an awful waste of space if we are all there is."


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