What will we do Twitter's new video sharing service VINE? | видео для образования | Scoop.it

"Twitter has launched a new service. Called VINE it allows users to take 6 second video clips on their SMARTphones and Tablets and then share them via twitter (and facebook).  Once taken, the 6 second clips loop, which is either intensely annoying or a great spur to make creative videos which enthrall people (depending on your points of view). My first VINE attempt is above, simply my daughter spinning round in a playground"


I was going to post about Vine but Matt has beaten me to it - and done a much better job. Like any visual or digital tool you get out what you put in in terms of thought or experimenatation.


It sits at the boundary of the animated gif/cinemagraphhttp://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2011/07/cinemagraphs.html and the video clip. I think Vine has a great potential to develop creative and valuable learning resources, that analyse the unseen moment, comment, demonstrate creativity, and generate fun.  Muybridge would have loved it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Muybridge_Buffalo_galloping.gif

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