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Our website facilitates anybody to get interact with brahman community and gets beneficiary of our Astrology and Matrimonial service online. As interaction with pandits is an important ritual followed by hindu religion from ancient times to host, honour and spiritually celebrate one or more religious deities, or an event. Many of us used to broadly refer them as Siddhas, Siddhars, Naths, Ascetics, Sadhus, or Yogis.
We envision a future where everyone has access to a divine path that has somewhere vanished today. We aim to empower people with morals that will improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in.
Our team insures that we provide reliable, fair, and insightful information. Though they were included in the team by virtue of their skill and reputation for fairness, they also happen to come from a wide variety of religious and spiritual traditions.
We know that exploring religion and spirituality can be difficult. We are often afraid to ask questions lest we be branded as ignorant. We hope that Devkripa will provide a safe and inspiring place to explore your spiritual path.

Devkripa believe to connect people with this great ancient indian skill known as Jyotisha which is a based on complex vedic mathematics which is further subdivided into Siddhānta, Saṁhitā, and Horā. Our Website ebables our astrologers to provide you remidies based on your birth kundli or prashna kundli.In case you dont know about you basic details such as birth date, place or time, you may also try to get your remidies for your problem based on prashna kundli.

For any service user just have to go to the respected page and just by providing their neccessary detail they could request for their service. As a result of request acomplishment user gets a token which must be preserved safely then after some time user gets a conformation call from devkripa to confirm the service request.