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Boodles of Baskets

Boodles of Baskets | Boodles of Baskets |








Boodles of Baskets
Toronto, ON
(416) 214-7745


Boodles of Baskets is not only a company, it is a concept and a new method to surprise people that you love. For the last 18 years, Boodles of Baskets helped millions of people to send gifts to friends and family members, in the simplest way possible.


In the past, you were supposed to look around the city for jams, toys, cosmetics and sweets, which were very hard to find in one place. Then, you were supposed to pack all those together, and to put them in a nicely arranged basket. At the end, you had to call a courier to pick up the basket, and to deliver it safely. Boodles of Baskets does that for every client, making sure that the consignee will appreciate the gift.


The element of surprise is important here. There are so many occasions for which one needs to send a basket of goodies. A newborn of your friends, marriages, birthdays, or even the anniversary of a relationship. Boodles of Baskets allows customers to customize their baskets, by choosing from a large variety of goods. Well, there are also the already-made baskets, which are perfect for busy people, or for the ones that do not really know what to choose for a certain occasion.


Boodles of Baskets offers unique gifts. Maybe the idea of receiving a basket filled with goodies is not so new, but the way Boodles of Baskets does it is unique. No matter where the consignee lives in Canada and especially in Ontario, the company will make sure that the basket is delivered the next day.


One of the advantages of using this company’s services is that they know what they are doing. You can make your own basket and you can send it with a common courier company, but we all know how those couriers treat the expeditions. Boodles of Baskets have their own delivery network, and as they know what they are carrying, they will make sure that the baskets are perfect when they arrive at their destination. Moreover, with common deliverers, it is forbidden to send food or perishable items, which is not the case with Boodles of Baskets.


When it comes to the items that you can put in the basket, the possibilities are practically unlimited. From a wide array of French gourmet products to the English traditional cookies, they are all available in the offer of the company. During their two decades of experience, the company managed to expand their offer and to diversify the gamma of products, so you will probably find whatever you want in their offer.


You can send a holiday greeting to your friends, family members, or even to your girlfriend. Your long trips through the malls trying to find a gift during the day before Christmas are over. You can use their services for Thanksgiving, Canada Day, Halloween, or even for the Potato Day, if you want to make a prank to one of your friends.


Boodles of Baskets accepts all the major types of payment, including credit cards and PayPal. After choosing your basket and paying, you will receive a shipment track number, so you could follow the expedition directly. Once you see that the gift was delivered, you will probably receive a thank you call in a few minutes, because the consignee will surely be more than impressed about your original idea!


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