Roger Deakins on 'Skyfall' with ARRI Alexa, by David Heuring | boilermaking |

Posted by David Heuring on October 25, 2012

(...) "Deakins says that the image quality that the ARRI Alexa delivers is more than adequate, noting that his preference for the camera’s images is a matter of sensibility, as opposed to some empirical measure of quality. “I’m very impressed by the image quality the Alexa gives,” he says. “You do have to get it right. You can’t be cavalier and overexpose willy-nilly. You can’t just point and shoot and not care about where your exposure is and what you’re shooting. That’s just as if you had been shooting film. And with greater and greater resolution, there comes a point where everything starts looking, frankly, anemic and kind of synthetic and has no life to it.”

A widescreen 2.40:1 aspect ratio frames the images, which were shot “flat” and extracted from the Alexa’s 16:9 sensor. The lenses were ARRI Master Primes, usually focal lengths in the mid-range like 27, 32, 35 and 40mm. Codex recorders were used with all cameras, up to about 10. Codex Datapacks were backed up on set and then sent for dailies processing."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul