Bogs (Wetlands)
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Wetland Biome

This is a video about Wetland Biomes I made for a year 9 science class. It is made in iMovie and the image is from *No...

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Preston's insight:

Currencyp: October 30, 2013 

Relevance: Discusses specific characteristics of a bog that makes it unique from other biomes

Acuracy:  Information presented reflects information found by other sources. 

Authority: scripted  by a 9th grader in Australia, but information given can be proved acurate through other sources. 

Purpose: To give information about bogs 


Emilie's curator insight, November 5, 2013 8:51 PM

C October 30, 2013

R Talks about specific qualities of a bog 

A Austrailian accent 

A Provides a script that one can look up and double check 

P to provide a quick introduction into what a wetland is 

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Bogs | Wetlands | US EPA

Bogs | Wetlands | US EPA | Bogs (Wetlands) |
Preston's insight:

Currency: Septermber 25, 2013 


Relevance: Talks about exactly how bogs are formed and what they are made up of, how they can become endangered and helped. Includes types of animal and plant life. 


Authority: EPA ( United States ENviornmental Protection Agency) 


Accuracy: Other sources reflect the same information such as that

bogs collect  most of their water from rain as opposed to runoff. 


Purpose: To inform U.S. citizens of their biome surroundings and how they have an effect on them- sepcifically wetland bogs. 


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Encyclopedia Article Over Bogs

Encyclopedia Article Over Bogs | Bogs (Wetlands) |
Complex of living organisms in areas where one body of water meets another, e.g., estuaries and lagoons, or where a body of water meets the land, e.g., marshes. The latter are often called wetlands. Boundary...
Preston's insight:

C - not available

R - this encyclopedia article covers the climates and the general ecosystem that makes up wetlands

A - it's an encyclopedia

A - This information is all accurate and can be confirmed from many other reputable sources

P - The purpose of this article is to provide the public with information regarding the ecosystem of wetlands

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Currency: N/A


Relevance: Talks about the Caribou Bog, Mud Pond, adjoining the Pushaw Stream., the largest wetland systems in Main. Elaborates on how these live sysytems interact with eachother as well as the effects human activity on the wetlands. 


Accuracy: WIldlife presented is consistent with other sources. 


Authority: written by the government. Could be baised but  has interest in preserving the wetland ecosystem therefore, inacurate information seems counterprodutive. 


Purpose: To inform the reader about life in the wetlands, how the interact with other systems and human activity. 

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Wetlands Journal Article

Preston's insight:

C - November 7, 2013

R - This artilce covers the ecosystem surrounding bogs and what affects it

A - The information presented is reputable and backed up by other investigations

P - This is used as an assignment for personal record on statistics and information about wetlands

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The Importance of Wetlands

The Importance of Wetlands | Bogs (Wetlands) |

The governor cannot have it both ways. Either he defends the right to clean water and air, or he continues to dismantle legislation designed to protect those rights.

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Preston's insight:

C - Published August 24, 2013
R - This video is relevant because it discusses why bogs are valued A - This author has made various different articles covering similar environmental issues and the authorities
A - the information found in this article is reputable on the basis of the value of bogs
P - To inform the public of an ongoing issue regarding a governors opinion regarding nearby wetlands

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