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8.Spend time and enjoy cosmic nutrition through sunlight, smell of flowers, sounds of the chirping birds and the sea. Sunshine is often taken for granted. It is the source of life and energy. Sunlight means richer blood, strengthens the skin and helps in absorption of calcium and vitamin D

9.Mental well-being through laughter: Laughter is contagious. You not only add vigour to your life but help others also to unwind and forget their worries. When you smile your body releases natural opiates or endorphins, reduces stress hormones and increases your immune system.

10.Always be proud of your achievements and stay within your chosen routine. This will help you achieve self discipline in every walk of life. Do not get confused and clutter your mind.

11.Take good care of your skin. While you cannot turn back the clock, you can delay the onset of your skin’s natural aging process.Avoid prolonged and direct exposure to the harsh rays of the sun. Wear a sun-block with an SPF of 20 or 30 and protect your eyes with sun glasses. Clean and wash face with natural and gentle products that do not take away the natural moisturizers under the skin. A mix of rose water and glycerine rub is good to remove grime and other pollutants.

12.An important aspect of wellness is to listen and respect your body and what it conveys to you. Chronic ailments, stress, migraine etc are your body’s warning signals. Take note and act on it.

13.While exercising, do not get enslaved to technology and machines and supplementation. All these must be used prudently. Any exercise program that has a blend of yoga, calisthenics, right breathing, aerobics works wonders, are recreational, creative and alleviates boredom and makes the workout complete in every manner.

Health is the combination of wholeness. The natural state of our body is health not illness. The very meaning of the word health is to heal thy, heal them, heal thou. 

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