Secret Camera Pro v3.0 Zero Noise Apps | September 22, 2013 | Photography | Android: 2.2+ | 384 KB Secret spy camera. The ONLY app to click pictures using volume keys with phone screen turned off. Most advanced app in the market! Just try it! Secret Camera Pro is the ONLY spy camera app in the market that takes pictures in the background so you can use your phone as normal. You can even turn your phone screen off and click pictures! NO ONE can tell you are clicking pictures. Features: • Turn off phone screen and click pictures • Click pictures using volume keys • Auto-Click features continuously clicks pictures • Supports high resolution pictures • Highly configurable hide notification, change storage folder • Multiple, advanced ways to mute shutter sound if the default method does not work • Discreet app name and icon • No battery drain Uses: • Professional hidden camera • CCTV and security video recording • Surveillance camera • HD video recorder for Android

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