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A blessing in disguise is that low blood pressure is much less risk entails a high. Before you begin a genuine medication is wise to see what you can change to your lifestyle that may save you a ditch pills to work, road everyday something most people do not feel much. The first thing you can do is to reduce the use of salt, a drug that mimics vasopressor.
Other adaptations of living habits are somewhat cliché, but it works.


Think of quitting smoking, moderate alcohol consumption (up to two drinks per day) and possibly to lose a few pounds. Also a psychological factor as stress plays a role: also try to reduce to a minimum. Above measures do not work? Then you might consider beginning genuine medicines these come in a number of categories.

The first group includes diuretics (water tablets), and ensures that more salt is removed in the urine. There are several types of them, so consult with your doctor what you can start using it without risk. Beta-blockers are another group. The drugs in it are designed to reduce the heart rhythm. The consequence of this is that the blood pressure goes down.


A third category is designated by the name RAS inhibitors. RAS inhibitors move the action of certain enzymes vasoconstrictor work against the blood vessels remain a bit wider and blood pressure goes down.

Blood pressure is also a value that can vary from moment to moment
The latter type of medications are calcium channel blockers (or calcium inhibitors), which counteract the absorption of calcium in the muscle cells and of the blood vessels. Just as the outside temperature, the blood pressure is also a value that can vary from moment to moment.

The deviations are often not large, but fall quickly if your daily (or even more than once a day) you measure blood pressure using an electronic sphygmomanometer. One reason for an abnormal blood pressure may be that you are pregnant: like many other things, and concentrations in the body changes during that period the blood pressure.

It is not that there is suddenly a huge difference occurs at the moment of conception. From the second trimester (the fourth month) you may be faced with a blood pressure that is lower than you're used to. As a mother scare otherwise not if you already noticed: that also can prevent fine. The cause of this drop in blood pressure lies with two factors; the simplest is that the growing uterus puts pressure on a number of key nodes in the vascular system.

There is then a temporary constriction, whereby the blood pressure (before the constriction) is going down. "Risk areas" are the aorta (the artery causing the blood out of the heart flows in the network of blood vessels), and the hollow vein (the vein through which oxygen-depleted enters the heart to be pumped to the lungs).