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Interview with Ileane about best traffic strategy:
1- You are a person who does not need any introduction, but as a part of formality could you tell us a little about yourself and why you are awesome?
I’m Ileane and my blog is Basic Blog Tips. I’ve been blogging for 3 years and I’m also very active on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I have a podcast on iTunes and over 100 video tutorials on my YouTube channel.

2- What was the main strategy behind the growth of your blog?
My blog appeals to bloggers at all stages of their blogging careers. I have a big audience of new bloggers coming in from organic searches from all the major search engines but I also have a loyal fan base that I am very connected to. I’m also very blessed to have featured over 100 guest authors who have made major contributions to the growth of the blog and the valuable content that’s offered there.

3- What other strategies that you recommend?
I know that having my content available in various formats like videos, presentations on SlideShare, podcasts and social networks has made a big difference in the connections I’ve made online. You need to build connections with people and do more sharing and giving than your own self promotion.

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