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How to Explain Social Business to Senior Management and Co-Workers [Infographic]

How to Explain Social Business to Senior Management and Co-Workers [Infographic] | Blogging Inspirations |

One of the biggest challenges that social business and online community professionals face is communicating their strategy to their peers and leadership.

Getting buy-in from the right people in your organization can clear the way for your online community.

Failing to develop understanding among your co-workers and executive backers can result in damage to your credibility on a personal level and competitive disadvantages and operational inefficiencies on a business level.

Using online communities to achieve business objectives is still an emerging strategy for many companies.

While many social business initiatives are not yet meeting their intended goals, each week we hear of new success stories. 

Via Stefano Principato
Stefano Principato's curator insight, July 3, 2013 5:51 PM

Frame your social business strategy as a way to improve communication, listening, and peer-to-peer collaboration to, from, and among existing communities that are important to your business. This could be employees, prospects, existing customers, or partners.