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What Changes With Google Hummingbird Are Not The SERP Results But How Google Interprets Your Search

What Changes With Google Hummingbird Are Not The SERP Results But How Google Interprets Your Search | Blogging |
The Hummingbird Google search algorithm isn't about long tail search. It's entirely the opposite. Hummingbird is about taking long-tail, highly unusual and verbose searches, and serving them results as if they were clear short-phrase searches.

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, October 12, 2013 2:08 PM

Excellent article by Ammon Johns explaining clearly what the new Google algorithm Hummingbird does and how it really affects the world of search.

Contrary to what has been written by many, Hummingbird changes deeply how Google interprets search queries, especially, long, detailed ones, not the search results directly. This is also why no-one has really seen major changes to web site traffic after Google has introduced the new algo quietly in August.

In simple words, what Google Hummingbird does, in the words of Ammon Johns is: "...making the very concept of many long-tail searches go the same way as referral data.

Google is trying to get away from exact wording to understanding the concepts.

So no matter how verbose or roundabout your search for pizza restaurant in Denver may be, the search it runs is exactly the same as “Denver Pizza Restaurant”, “Pizza Restaurant Denver”, etc."

Read the full article and the examples provided and you will get a good gist of it.

Very interesting. Useful. 8/10

Read the full article here: 

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SEO Toolbox

SEO Toolbox | Blogging |
Wining the game of search requires the right tools for keyword research, content optimization, competitive analysis and link building.
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Coming to what you need for your blogging activities, you can't ignore the essense of tools. Especial the right kind, because for most cases we will find tools though with no pratical value or track record to prove it will do what it says it will.


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