ISTE SETSIG Webinar: Built-in IOS Accessibility and Alternative Access to the iPad | Blind, deafblind, low vision |

This webinar will focus on the many universal design technologies built-in to the iOS. This will be followed by alternative access options to the iPad – from styluses, to keyguards, to switches. Access options built into the iOS and into specific apps will be also be discussed. We will cover the range of switch interfaces that offer compatibility to switch accessible apps – and participants will be given links to resources for finding switch accessible apps. This year has also seen the release of a few more comprehensive alternative access options – offering switch access between apps as well as within many apps. Some of these also offer control of your iPad via wheelchair joysticks. These more comprehensive hardware and software alternative access options will be covered – as well as a discussion of the role that the iOS accessibility features of VoiceOver and AssistiveTouch play in alternative access.

Via Kathleen McClaskey