"With the coming of the information age, technology has the potential to transform
the classroom as we know it. More and more educators are expressing interest in
“blended learning” or bringing the best of online learning into traditional brick and
mortar classrooms. This past summer, we set out to test several assumptions of the
blended learning movement, measure its impact on student learning, and observe
the effects on teacher experience.

The BlendMyLearning project brought together Envision Schools, Google, Khan
Academy, and the Stanford University d.school to chronicle the performance and
engagement of low-performing high school algebra students receiving a mix of
traditional teacher-led instruction and self-guided instruction through the Khan
Academy website. This report draws from qualitative interviews and observations
(outlined at www.blendmylearning.com), as well as quantitative data from pre- and
post-course assessments in algebra. Though the experimental methods and sample
size are not sufficient for grounded empirical conclusions, a control group receiving
100% teacher-led instruction also took the pre- and post-course assessments to
provide some level of comparison."

Via Anthony Beal