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When It Comes To Marketing Your Business Online, Not All Website Traffic Is Created Equal

When It Comes To Marketing Your Business Online, Not All Website Traffic Is Created Equal | BlackDiamondPractice |
When I was a kid I liked the old Spy vs. Spy comics and cartoons. It always featured two spies, who are completely identical save for the fact that one is dressed in White and the other Black. The pair was constantly warring with each other, using a variety of booby-traps to inflict harm to each other. I thought of this old comic strip the other day when I was helping a client analyze two opposing online traffic sources.
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Remarketing Ads To Increase Lead Generation Effectiveness

In this Episode of the “In The Trenches Small Business Marketing Podcast” I talk about the persistence of my English Bulldog Noble when it comes to eating cherry tomatoes out of my Garden and how the same kind of persistence (with Remarketing ads) can help you close 70% more leads.

Click the play button below to watch this new video from Kyle Battis of NH Strategic Marketing.

If you would like to learn how you can grow your business with Remarketing ads I invite you to accept my gift of a Free Marketing Audit.  It will be of value to you I promise.

To your success,

PS – Kyle Battis is the President of the NH Marketing Agency smart business owners turn to when they need help with paid online lead generation assistance.  Claim your Free Marketing Audit today.

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7 Ideas to Help You Make Killer Videos

Check Out These 7 Awesome Ideas for Videos

None of us needed Cisco Systems to tell us that by 2017 consumer web traffic will be 69 percent video based. We can see that, as all of us are seemingly hooked on watching internet video.

Since human beings process visual media 66,000 times faster than text, it should be a no-brainer that we would want to employ videos in our businesses. They increase the time a customer spends on your site, can be entertaining, and always convert better. However, many business owners are reluctant to pull the trigger on video marketing as they don’t have a clue as to which types of videos to make, and for what purpose.

To help with that, we’ve come up with 7 ways your business can use videos effectively.

7 Types of Videos your Business Can Use

Product Demo – Recording a demo video for a new product or feature of an existing one is a great selling tool as well as customer care item. It may also serve as a good lead generation tool via YouTube.

Rolling out New Products – If you are introducing a new product, this type of video can serve as a sales tool on your web page. This is an entirely different emphasis, as you are writing for sales.

Product Tutorials – In-depth tutorials are a consumer’s delight, especially when your products are a challenge to some not technically oriented. These can also be used in lead generation through YouTube.

Video Testimonials – Getting your satisfied customers to record a short video testimonial can go a long way toward supplying the social proof many need to get off the fence about purchasing your products or services. Most are going to be happy to help, especially if they get a shoutout or link back.

Tips and How to’s – Videos showing tips and advice on related aspects of your business will help you grow in authority and traffic.

Expert Interviews – If you know or can meet up with a thought leader or influencer in your market, it can be a win-win for the both of you. You get an expert interview in your market, and they get exposed to a new audience.

Webinar and Event Invites – Using a video to invite prospects to an upcoming webinar or live event is terrific when delivered through a video. Don’t be afraid to be a little outrageous or innovative here!

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15 Awesome Social Media Tips for Beginners

Check Out these 15 Social Media Tips for Newbies!

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and social media is just too big an ocean of people not to dip your toe into. Rather than allowing yourself to feel overwhelmed, have a look at these 15 social media tips here and see if they don’t help you get out of the starting gate and on your way to a lively, effective social media presence.

15 Beneficial Social Media Tips

1. Use images in your posts – This is an excellent way to keep people interested in what you have to offer.

2. Don’t be a ghost – Make sure you show up. The once a month poster isn’t going to gain or keep any traction in any way.

3. Respond – Spend time to reply to all of the comments you receive from others. This will help you connect with your target audience.

4. Avoid overselling – Don’t try too hard to sell your products and services. People don’t like pushy salespeople.

5. Be careful when using hashtags – While you should use them to increase user engagement, using too many can be detrimental.

6. Stay relevant – Straying too far off topic from your audience’s interests never works out well. If you have something else to share, find the proper forum.

7. Don’t kick back – Don’t respond negatively to bad feedback. You will NEVER win at this! Make sure to respond and stay professional.

8. Don’t get too verbose! – Long messages tend to make readers head for the exits.

9. Respond to comments – Whatever you do don’t disable comments. Instead engage here and show them you value their contribution.

10. Use tools – Scheduling posts with tools can help you manage your posting more effectively, especially if you need to be absent. Think Hootsuite, Buffer and a few others.

11. Be visual – Post videos and other graphic content as much as you are able. These get far more engagement and get shared much more than mere text.

12. Focus your efforts – Pick a few social media platforms to concentrate on and do those well, rather than spreading yourself too thin attempting to hit everyone. Consider the majors like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

13. Mix it up – Post varied types of content so as to keep things interesting. Post, videos, memes, product reviews, testimonials and more.

14. Be generous – Offer exclusive deals to your audience and encourage them to share with friends. This is one the best uses of social media.

15. Keep it light – Don’t forget this can be fun! Don’t hesitate to be a little edgy, and not so PC!

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Why Do People Click on Your Links?

Best Practices for Getting More Clickable Links

Much of the time in our quest to connect with an audience, make sales, get opt-ins and more, we are depending on our visitors to make that connection via a web link. Thus it would stand to reason that one of our primary tasks in this quest is to make it our business to know how to get them to click!

Seems there’s more to this than simply hyperlinking “Click here” and expecting them all to show up and shower us with money, emails and more. You really have to coax these things out of them. (You didn’t really think it was that easy, did you?)

So to help make your pages a veritable clicking paradise, let’s examine 5 ways to optimize your links for clicks.

5 Tips for getting more clicks from your links!

Get informative with your click text – You have the opportunity to make your links both informative and enticing. Don’t waste this! “Click here” conveys very little in the way of information about what you’re offering or they’re getting. Studies show that link text like “Download your Free PDF Now!” perform significantly better.

Make every link serve a purpose – Don’t link to any other page without a clear purpose. This means to either an offer, resource or other content that will benefit your audience. (and you!) This is particularly true for landing pages, where you hopefully have a singular purpose for any links on the page.

Understand about the color of your links – There is a definite psychology pertaining to color, and you need to have this firmly in mind when designing links and buttons. For example, blue is a trust color, and orange encourages quick action. Get acquainted with these concepts!

Don’t promise what you aren’t delivering – If you think it’s a great idea to get them to click on your links by using techniques like “clickbait”, think again. You’ll have broken any trust you may have had, and be rewarded with massive bounce rates.

Think about page placement – Knowing where to put links is nearly as important as knowing how to make them. If you have a clear purpose for the page, you’ll want them to be able to click early and often. Have a link above the fold, especially on landing and sales pages.

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Why You Absolutely Need a Content Marketing Calendar

Check Out how to create your Own Content Marketing Calendar

One of the hallmarks of companies that rock content marketing is that they without fail have a content marketing plan along with a content marketing calendar. Content marketing has become a many-headed hydra, all of which require care and attention.

Keeping track of all the many venues in which you publish, tracking production, holding people accountable, and certainly not least, executing a coherent strategy makes going forward without a content marketing calendar downright foolhardy. So let’s have a look at how you can construct a workable content marketing calendar and strategy.

Who should do this?

Even if you are a large company with several departments making use of the calendar, you’ll want to have a person dedicated to ensuring the overall plan is advancing, and people are being held accountable. This presupposes that you have a single content marketing calendar. We think this is best as even while there may be different people or teams working on different aspects of content creation, it is vital that there is a common vision and goals at play here. Having more than one calendar is asking for it, and really hampers efforts at promotion. Resist the calls for independence here.

This is to lessen the chances for assignments and deadlines falling too far behind, and jeopardizing marketing promotions that are inextricably intertwined.

What should you use for a content marketing calendar?

This can be a simple spreadsheet customized for the task. This is usually sufficient. There are many other forms of collaborative software if you have a large organization or want more automation.

Software like Basecamp, Teamwork and others provide useful platforms for running projects, and can help you keep track of complicated campaigns easily. There is a cost and learning curve involved with this, however.

In most cases a simple solution is best, and we would encourage this to start. Moving up to more sophisticated systems can always happen down the road if need be.

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7 Examples of Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Opened

Subject Lines that Get Emails Opened More Frequently

Some emails subject lines get far more opens that others. The purpose of the subject line is to get the email opened, nothing more. Making promises we can’t keep, or being overly sensational will cause antipathy and produce unsubscribes.

Your job is to know which these are and use them and resist the urge to get clever and try and use clickbait and other tactics that may actually work against you. It’s much better to deal in truth, and utilize proven subject line types that employ sound principles to get your emails opened. Listed below are 7 of the top opened types of email subject lines.

7 Types of email subject lines that get clicked!

Emphasize Benefits: You need to tell the reader what they get out of this: everyone wants to know this. Injecting a solid benefit in your subject line, usually with an implied promise of some sort will work wonders for your open rates. One example could be “Create a second income stream in less than 30 days!”

Ask Questions: By doing so you’re begging a response that often gets answered by them opening the email to find the answer. “Do you really have time to do all this work yourself?”

How-To: Information is golden, and assuming your audience is the least bit interested in your subject, many will want to find out “How to make a Killer Bacon Omelette in 7 Minutes and 15 Seconds!”

Targeted your audience: Knowing exactly who you are talking to helps increase open rates by hitting the particular interests they have. “Only open if you’re a frequent traveler tired of all the standing in lines!”

Use Lists and Tips: Providing quick research for people is a proven winner, and will get you great open rates. “7 Tips and Tricks for Ditching Your Lousy Job”

Superlatives: “Fastest”, “Easiest” and “Best” when used in your emails are among the most opened subject lines you’ll find. Nobody wants to spend time separating the wheat from the chaff.

Answers: Frequently email subject lines that provide answers for common questions in your market are top openers. “10 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Paid What You’re Worth!”

Try using some of these types of subject lines and see your open rates soar!

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What you need to know about raising startup funds

What you need to know about raising startup funds

When starting a new business, at some point you’re likely going to need to raise funds for it, and if you’re like most of us, you haven’t a clue as to the sort of questions you’ll need answers to, both for your business and for your potential investors.

Potential investors will want to know your answers as well, and rather than head into the process unprepared, let’s take a step to make you more ready by listing at least some of the important questions you’ll want to have answers to.

7 Basic questions you need to answer for startup funding

How much capital do you need? – Having a clear idea about how much you need obviously simplifies the task considerably. Assess what your costs are going to be, and understand that it always costs more!

What will it cost you? – What are you willing to offer for this money? Is it going to be shares of your company, and how much is that? 10%? 25%? This is something you need a firm grasp on, and at least initially not be swayed from.

When do you have to pay it back? – When will you be expected to repay this investment? Are the terms you’ll be getting conducive to running your business while doing so? How much strain will this produce on the business?

What’s your business growth strategy? – You and your investors should be quite interested in your plan for growth. Not only is the plan of importance, but also the time frame for growth.

What are you willing to risk? – Are you willing to put up equity (other than sweat equity) in your startup? This can sometimes make it easier for others to see their way clear to invest.

How much input do you want? – Making it crystal clear from the beginning how much outside input is welcome is a good idea. Many investors want nothing to do with this, but there are others…

Who buys and uses your product or service? – Who is the ideal customer, and how do you intend to market to them? Having a firm grip on your eventual buyers calms many investment fears!

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How to Create a Winning Marketing Plan for your Small Business

Learn How to Craft a Marketing Plan for a Small Business

Quite often when we’re starting out with a new business venture it’s all too easy to be lured into a Ready, Fire, Aim mindset, leaving the planning for later if at all. It’s our hope to talk you into restraining that enthusiasm just a pinch while you take the time to craft a marketing plan that will provide a roadmap for your small business, before you begin assigning a lot of money or effort to it.

This is not all that difficult, but it’s a needed step if you want to avoid a few possible pitfalls along the way. Here are 5 suggestions designed to help you create a marketing plan specific to your small business.

5 Tips for a killer small business marketing plan

Have a goal – Not simply one overarching goal, which is important, but a series of smaller, milestone type goals that make it easier to reach your eventual destination.

Define who your audience is – Taking a snapshot of who your ideal customer is, and what they like, dislike, where they hang out and more is a crucial step in making an intelligent marketing plan. Knowing this information ahead of time saves much time and money.

How to best deliver your marketing – Understanding the means of delivery is important as well. That may mean many things to many companies. For one it could very well be paid traffic, another may go the organic search route. Whatever it is, make sure you not only know what serves your particular audience best, but that you have the expertise and people to pull it off.

Know what else you need – There will more than likely be pieces in the puzzle that are essential to the plan that must be in pace as well. This can sometimes be a marketing funnel, landing pages or an email marketing sequence.

Set a timeline – Giving your campaign a timeline for implementation and completion is important to a successful marketing plan. It will also help keep all members of the team on task and striving towards the goal.

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How to Learn Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – How Your Business Can Start Using It

Social media marketing has advanced to the point where it’s no longer just another channel, full of sound and furywhile signifying mostly nothing, and is now a crucial aspect of any serious online marketing business. If you haven’t yet gotten on board with this, the time is now.

With so many people gathering on the various social networks, it is important to go where the people are if you want to prosper in this social business environment. These days people turn to their social media channels for affirmation and recommendation, and if you aren’t playing, you’re not in the game.

How to learn to use the various social media channels

There are a few major players that you simply need to be on, and few others that might make a lot of sense given your market. The top five social media networks as of this writing are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. The next most significant will be sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat. This seconds tier is a lot more visually oriented, but drives loads of traffic that is very interested in buying.

You’ll need to know each network’s primary demographics in order to determine whether or not a particular network is right for your business.

How to use social media sites for business

Cultivating audiences for your business through social media can be done far easier and faster than through traditional marketing if you are up to speed on how to make your reach exceed your current influence. This means understanding how to get involved, engaged and shared as widely and quickly as you can.

The one constant in social media is change, and you need to keep abreast of what’s what in order to effectively market with this channel.

Here is a great compilation of social media resources that will keep you busy for some time. One of our favorites on this list is the blog Social Media Examiner.

The rewards of a successful social media initiative are many, ranging from large amounts of traffic to building a truly engaged and passionate following. Both of which sound pretty decent to me!

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Getting Started Tracking Your Website Data

Getting Started Tracking Your Website Data When you’re running a small business, it is easy to simply forego tracking any data associated with your website. This is a mistake. Having data not only about your own site but competitive intelligence … Continue reading →

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Fake Google Phone Calls?

In this episode of the ‘In The Trenches Small Business Marketing Podcast” I do an “Ask Kyle” episode and let you know if Google is really calling your business multiple times a week or if it is something else. Debbie … Continue reading →

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7 Hot Website Design Trends to Look for in 2015

What’s Trending in Website Design If you are due for a refresh or a complete redesign of your site, it’s a great idea to have an idea not only what’s considered new and exciting in website design, but also what … Continue reading →

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56 Birthday Marketing Ideas For Small Business Owners

Birthdays are a great reason to create a marketing message to your prospects and customers.  Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with people you care about and as a small business owner and marketer, what’s important is getting your customers … Continue reading →

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How to Do Content Marketing for E-Commerce

Learn Why Content Marketing for E-Commerce Can Make All the Difference

So what differentiates your site from all the other e-commerce sites out there in your market? Why are visitors going to be buying from you as opposed to any of the other guys?

Furthermore, how will you hope to rank in Google if your site is not demonstrably any different? You won’t, plain and simple.

The answer is content marketing for your e-commerce site. This is the best way to build trust, engage with prospective customers, and help your e-commerce build your brand to outpace your competition.

Several Ways to Tackle Content Marketing for E-commerce

Use videos – How-To Videos are one of the best ways to hook your visitors on to your content. This is one of the most effective ways of providing effective content marketing for your e-commerce sites. For example, if you are selling a niche product on your e-commerce site, you can include videos on how to use/operate the product. This helps attract more visitors and convert them to buyers for your e-commerce site.

Create unique descriptions – Create unique textual content for your e-commerce pages. This will leap you ahead of the many folks who copy and paste product descriptions and give you a chance to rank in the search results. Moreover, you have the ability to communicate in a way that is more sales-oriented than a typical e-commerce description.

Use unique images – Creating original images will allow you to do many more things with this visual content. You can attract many more visitors by sharing these images socially, on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Employ social proof – Nobody likes to be the first one to purchase a new product, taste that different food, or try that new cafe. These days people are using social networks more and more to help them make their buying decisions. Do your part by including as much social proof as you can put together on your pages. His helps engender trust and can be the reason they buy!

Making your e-commerce site stand above the rest by providing engaging and unique content to your visitor is your job. Do this well and you can expect much better results from your e-commerce sites.

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How to Make your Facebook Business Page Engaging

See How You Can Engage More Fans with Your Facebook Business Page

These days it’s simply not enough just to have a Facebook business page: you need to have a vibrant, noteworthy, oft-shared destination where you engage customers, fans and friends alike. So how in the name of Zuckerberg are you supposed to get this done? Doesn’t your business already suck every free second of time from your day as it is?

Let’s have a look at 5 of the best practices for setting up engagement on your Facebook business page.

5 Easy tips to make your Facebook page more engaging

Choose imagery wisely – The visuals you use on your posts and ads make a major difference. Make sure they are all original and also something you would want to share yourself.

Place a call to action on your cover image – This is a somewhat new one, and for the right offer or purpose, it works exceptionally well. Most importantly make it relevant and on topic, and you’ll find you will be rewarded with more actions and engagement.

Optimize your page descriptions and About sections – This is your chance to tell the world about yourself and your company. Don’t waste it! Be sure to include links to your other web properties, as well as giving a clear picture of who you are and what you’re about.

Publish frequently – Publishing infrequently is asking for mediocrity. If you’re not interested enough to come around everyday, chances are no one else will be either. Show up, and when you have a post that gets a good response, consider promoting it with a paid ad.

Engage with the people – Nothing says you care like talking directly to people who comment, question or otherwise connect with you. What you do here will determine the success of your social media initiative. Directly asking for comments, shares or other actions have a long track record of success.

Doing these simple tasks can pave the way for an engaging page that will keep visitors returning time and again to see what else you have to share.

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Are You Employing Conversion Optimization?

Want More Sales? Use Conversion Optimization

Although you often hear the roar of marketers bemoaning too little traffic to their pages as the bane of their existence, it’s a fair bet that they haven’t used conversion optimization to get the most out of what they are receiving.

Conversion optimization merely involves making sure each and every element in the sales process, from the first contact to the Thank You page is crafted to ensure that you not only get the sale, but the most bang for your marketing buck.

Let’s take a quick look at several ways to optimize for conversions, and see if they don’t grow the bottom line a bit!

Key Elements of Conversion Optimization

Use the proper keywords – Making sure you are using the proper keywords for the page the right way is crucial for not only making sure you are found in search, but also social media and video. Optimize for one main keyword and a few select secondary keywords, so that it will best focus your search results.

Make sure you test – This is a must. Simply putting up a page without testing the various elements of the page or offer is a sure recipe for leaving lots of money on the table. Test every aspect of the sales process, from emails to pages, headline, copy and color: it’s all in play, and you’ll be surprised at the outcomes you get. Test only one thing at a time also, as it will confuse the results otherwise.

Make videos – The word is that by 2018 we will see some 75 percent of all traffic having something to do with video. People are hooked on watching, and this trend is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Not only that, but studies are also showing that consumers are more inclined to convert after viewing your video. Something to think about!

Be mobile ready – Since more than half of all Web search is now originating from a mobile device of some sort, it’s imperative to make sure your pages and offers are mobile-friendly. This is easy to get done, and can pay large dividends. Also, make sure your hosting renders your mobile pages quickly, as mobile users are highly impatient.

Employ social proof – People need to know that somehow they are making the right decision when selecting a product. 85 percent of consumers will visit at least one social network for confirmation. Make sure you are using social proof, and that you respond to social inquiries promptly.

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5 Effective Ways to Optimize your Google AdWords Landing Pages

See How to Easily Optimize Your Google AdWords Landing Pages

Although most business owners will move heaven and earth to optimize the smallest of details on their websites, getting them to pay the same amount of attention to Google AdWords landing page optimization is a tall task indeed. And yet these are the same people that will wonder aloud why their landing pages don’t convert as well as they think they should.

There are some definite best practices you’ll need to make sure you are following to get the best results you can. Let’s have a look at 5 of these, and see if you can’t improve the performance of your landing pages!

5 Tips for optimizing your Google AdWords landing pages

1.  Employ Responsive Design for your pages – Make the effort to ensure that your Google AdWords Landing pages are mobile ready, and render well on all devices and formats. Having a responsive site is essential in today’s mobile-first environment, as more than half of all search now emanates from a mobile platform of some sort.

2.  Write great headlines – This is your first, and in many cases only chance to hook your visitors into reading on and absorbing your offer. Studies are showing that you have less than 5 seconds to make this connection, or they are gone. Study how to create awesome headlines, and test several.

3.  Create crystal-clear Calls to Action – Leave no doubt about what you want your readers to do. Not only lead them there; tell them exactly! Buy Now! Click Here! Download your free report! Don’t leave your intentions or their next step to their imagination.

4.  Use social proof – People are given to following the crowd, so if you have testimonials, reviews or product endorsements by all means find a way to get some of these in front of your audience. Your conversions will improve if you do.

5.  Split Test everything – Many people don’t test simply because they think they don’t have the time. This is wrong-headed. Would you rather have fewer sales? This is the alternative to testing. A simple A/B test on the important elements of your landing page can do wonders for your conversion rates!

There you have it my friend – 5 ways to ensure your Google AdWords landing pages are optimized for the best results.

To your success,

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10 LinkedIn Tips You Want to Know!

10 Cool Tips for Your LinkedIn Toolbox

LinkedIn has become ever more the go-to source for business leads and connections, but only if you are able to get out of the beginner mode. There are several great features which allow you to make connections, share content and extend your reach exponentially, but to be able to make the best use of these you need to be not only active but smart.

The best way to mine LinkedIn for leads and sales is to get active here. In order to help you get going with that, here are 10 terrific LinkedIn tips.

10 LinkedIn Tips to Maximize Your Reach

Optimize your URL – Take a minute and change your LinkedIn URL to coincide with your company’s name or online handle. Be consistent with other social properties if you can.

Create a Profile Badge – Take advantage of being able to add a LinkedIn badge on your site or blog. It will help add to your connections and site authority. There are a few different designs to choose from.

Be sure to optimize your page – Complete and make the most of all the features you can when it comes to your company page. You definitely want to make a brand statement.

List your skills to get endorsements – Be sure you list your particular skills when filling out your profile. This enables your connections to make that easy + click to endorse you for any of these they’re aware of.

Leverage your LinkedIn Groups – There are two distinct advantages here: you can direct message members of the group who you are not connected with, and you’ll also be able to view profiles.

Create Showcase Pages – Since LinkedIn got rid of the Products & Services tab, you’ll want to use Showcase Pages to promote products and services directly.

Directly mail your group – A cool little feature called LinkedIn Announcements allows you to directly mail the members of your LinkedIn groups once weekly.

Use Saved Searches – Are you aware that you can save your searches on LinkedIn and they will automatically send new leads to you based on what your search criteria is? Awesome.

Ask for Introductions – Find someone connected to one of your connections that you’d like to connect with? Simply ask them for an introduction, or permission to say that you two are connected. This is very effective and can help you get great connections you might otherwise be unable to.

Reorder Your LinkedIn Skills – You now have the ability to edit your skills and within that you can reorder your skills to emphasize what you’d like to. It can also lessen the number of no-picture endorsers present there.

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How to Publish Effectively on LinkedIn

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Publish on LinkedIn

Okay, all of you that have published on LinkedIn raise your virtual hands…

That’s what I thought. Not many consider LinkedIn when choosing where to publish content, and in point of fact, that’s a big mistake.

Now that the platform is accessible to all LinkedIn users, we need to reset our minds to think of how LinkedIn can work well for us. To put it simply, LinkedIn is a powerhouse goldmine for content marketers who figure out how to mine it judiciously. In case you need any convincing, we’ve put together 5 great reasons why you need to be using LinkedIn to publish content.

5 Reasons LinkedIn needs to be your content choice!

To build your own authority – Publishing on LinkedIn in front of professionals who take you seriously can go a long way toward helping cement your position as a thought leader in your market.

Rework older content – Recycling good but somewhat older content you have already published on your site is a terrific way to help boost authority and standing. Moreover, most of the audience on LinkedIn probably missed it the first time around! You also have the chance to update it as well.

Getting your content before a targeted audience – This is a professional site populated and frequented by pros, and as such you will find a lot less of the fluff traffic that may otherwise come upon your content. This is accomplished by publishing before your connections, and to LinkedIn Groups for wider reach.

Killer engagement – People active on LinkedIn are highly engaged, and likely to comment and contact you if they see something that appeals to them.

The possible viral effect – One way LinkedIn publishers hit it big is when their content starts to get some traction, LinkedIn often steps in and promotes it on of their Pulse category pages, and even better, sometimes on the home page itself! Do that and you’ll be well on your way to authority status on LinkedIn and off!

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How to Build Traffic to Your Blog

Getting Traffic to your Business Blog

If you want to use your business blog to expand and engage your audience, you’re going to need to find ways to develop the traffic to a point where someone other than your immediate family is reading it, am I right?

There are fantastic advantages to having a vibrant and engaging business blog, chief among them items like new leads, brand building, helping with search rankings and many more.

Yet if this is taken up haphazardly, or worse yet, indifferently, you’re going to be preaching to the choir, and wondering why you started this dang blog in the first place.

To help get the blog going and create some momentum, many bloggers look to paid traffic to get the ball rolling. It can be a modest, yet wise investment. Let’s check out several places you can make this happen.

5 Places to buy paid ads for your blog

Outbrain – These text ads run on major websites like, ESPN, FOXNews and others, and can get a far different set of eyeballs than what you might be seeing. Not to mention that these sites get massive traffic in the first place!

Facebook Ads – Maybe the best paid traffic opportunity currently available, mainly for the capability to precisely target your audience while not spending a fortune. Their audience insights tool alone is worth the price of admission!

Google Adwords – While they have been around forever, Adwords can nevertheless be useful if you know how to use it well. Otherwise, you’ll be paying far too much for what you’re after.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates – Assuming you have content that appeals to professionals in any sense, this could be a goldmine for you. People on LinkedIn are more businesslike, and a bit more engaging, so if this one’s right for you, don’t hold back!

Pinterest Promoted Pins – A relative newcomer to paid ads, Pinterest can be handy if you have a great graphic and are appealing largely to females. If you do, prepare to have hordes of enthusiastic visitors descend upon your post!

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See What’s New in Local SEO and 7 Ways to Make it Better!

How to Optimize for Local SEO in 2015

By Google’s own admission, they make between 500-600 changes to the algorithm annually, so being aware of all of them and how they affect your site is a full time job. If you’re frustrated attempting to keep up with all the changes that transpire within the Google Local search space, you’re not alone!

If your head starts spinning at the mere mention of things like Pigeon, the Local Carousel, and MobileGeddon, then we have good news for you.

In order to keep things simple here, we’ve distilled our list of best Local SEO practices to a mere 7. Implement these as soon as you can for best results!

7 Best Practices for Local SEO

Don’t stop link building – But do it naturally! Be certain that you’re creating awesome content that is getting shared as widely as possible, and watch the links flow in. These are the best types of links you can acquire.

Be sure to GEO-target your pages – The Pigeon update was all about preferring local content over global when possible. Make it possible on your pages with local geo-modifiers.

Citations still matter – These days it’s about getting quality citations, and cleaning them up so as not to have duplicate entries and inconsistent data.

Solicit customer reviews – This is the highest form of social proof available, and studies are showing that the overwhelming majority (90%) consult product reviews before purchasing. Ask your present customers; they’ll usually be more than happy to comply.

Use Google My Business – Google’s local business tool suite is an incredible tool you’ll want to be fully invested in. There are so many ways this helps your business, but one of the main ones is being able to easily manage reviews.

Create and optimize local images – Use unique local images and make sure they are geo-tagged appropriately. This can help you in several ways, including Google Images, the 7 pack, Your Google My Business page and more.

Take advantage of social sharing – Make sure you have social media icons present on all your pages and content so as to provide your audience with the opportunity to share your content far and wide!

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How to Get the Most from Your Facebook Business Page

Make Your Facebook Business Page Work for You!

Making your small business Facebook page a hub of social activity for your business is a major task if you hope to expand your business using social media. Yet many are lulled into believing that simply creating a business page and posting once every few months ought to do it. Not by a long shot.

Luckily for us there are several tried and true tips you can use to not only make your Facebook business page more highly-trafficked, but also useful in a number of other ways also. Here are 7 great tips to get the most from your Facebook business pages.

7 Tips to help get better Facebook business page results

Check out the new Call to action feature – Facebook now offers you the ability to insert a call to action into your posts. They include “Shop Now,” “Sign Up,” “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” “Use App,” “Play Game” and “Watch Video.” Schedule posts ahead of time – You have the ability to schedule posts in advance either on the Facebook interface or by using a third party tool like Hootsuite. This can free you up, and still let you make the occasional random post when you want. Give the people what they want – Look in the Posts section of your settings and under post types you’ll see the types of posts that your audience is craving. You might be surprised at what it shows there! Post consistently – If you’re not posting at least once a day in your business, you’re not doing enough. This helps you stay in touch with your audience, and is especially helpful if customer service issues arise there! Engage socially as your page – Make sure you Like, Share and comment as your page to help build fans, gain authority and possibly find new people to either work with or for. Share news and views – Whenever your business is given attention, your Facebook page is a perfect place for sharing this. Drop links to your site and other web properties – Your Facebook business page is a perfect vehicle to use to send visitors to your web pages, videos and salespages.

Making your Facebook business page work for you isn’t hard, but does involve some effort. The payoff can be so worth it though.

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What Type of Advertising is Best for a Small Business?

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