Black parents and their little girls hair
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Black parents and their little girls hair
There are three stages in the development of the hair covering of the human head. 1)Anagen: is the first cycle of hair growth. 2)Catagen: is the second cycle of hair growth. 3)Telogen: is the third cycle of hair growth. The Anagen stage AKA baby hair usually lasts from one to three years, rarely up to five years. very fine, soft and contains considerable moisture. The Catagen stage, lasts until about the age of twelve. As this stage advances, the cuticle begins to lose moisture. It gets harder and coarser. The Telogen stage, is the permanent hair covering normally this stage last until age fifth teen, some age sixteen. The texture, elasticity, porosity and density of the hair will vary according to the sex, race and the individual. A child hair can be so fragile that even every day brushing, braiding and combing can cause damage. plus other common things like rinsing in hot water, RELAXERS, direct heat from blow dryers, and curling irons. even oiling scalp with PETROLATUM can cause problems to a child's hair and scalp health. best way to care for your child hair is to let the hair finish going through the three stages without chemicals until the hair and scalp is mature enough for it.
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