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While big data will drastically improve marketing strategies (and, yes, persona development), relying on that information alone can be very risky for your marketing efforts. Big data usage within marketing teams has its faults, including:

Ineffective sharing and organization of dataUsing data as an end-all performance report

Ultimately, big data can show you what is, but personas have the ability to show you what could be, as they can be used to determine future behavior. In order to create a successful marketing plan for the long term, you need both the what is and the what could be aspects incorporated into your strategy.


As Forbes contributor Jonathan Salem Baskin said, "big data insights will never substitute for imagining little souls."

Qualitative research gives insight into behavior.Personas (including qualitatively gathered stories) are easier to understand.Qualitative research allows for brand-customer interaction and new information.Qualitative research enables information gathering on topics big data can't deliver.


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