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You've already spent time perfecting your questioning and listening skills. But how good is your storytelling?


This article is short, sweet and to the point: if you want more sales, tell stories. But not just any stories -- good stories!


So what makes a good story? The points made in this post: pain & gain, characters, obstacles, and a key point for each story.


I don't agree with the conclusion at the end that it is hard to tell if storytelling is working with your prospects.  Just look in their eyes -- if you are telling your biz stories well, they are connected and engaged. If that's not happening, then go fix your stories.


Here's where sales people stop: only contacting prospects 2 or 3 times when in reality it can take as many as 10 'touches' to get the sale. So don't give up! Keep telling those stories!


Now what kinds of stories do sales people need to tell? The obvious ones are those where customers have had successes with your products/services. But those stories are just the tip of the iceberg and will get old fast. Here are a few others you need to share:

How your business got started What your passion and commitment is to the business Mistakes that have been made and how you've recovered Cautionary tales of propects who've waited too long


But here's the real secret to using stories in sales: asking for and listening FIRST to the stories of your prospects. Asking them for their stories.


Enjoy the article, get busy with your storytelling, and enjoy the uptick in sales :)

Via Dr. Karen Dietz